Oh!Bento’s favourite posts of 2012!

As it’s the end of the year I thought I’d make a small list of my 5 favourite posts of 2012!!

This list is made up of some of my personal favourite bento’s and also my favourite “helpful” post.

I hope you enjoy and a very happy New Year everyone!


My kimono bento



How to make Pokéballs



My Halloween “Scream” bento



How to make a very cheap, extremely tasty bento!


And my ultimate favourite. No.5:

Game Of Thrones Bento


So there you have it!

Hopefully next year I will get some sparkly new equipment to be able to make my blog look better than ever 🙂

And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


Black+Blum Lunchpot meal

I received a Tefal Fresh Express for Christmas and tonight I wanted to test what it can do. I already tried its slicing accessory and it will make the process of making my instant pickles a lot easier. It also has another accessory that I wasn’t sure what it was for but it looked like it could mince. That would help me eat soboro as ground chicken is something I’ve never seen in the UK.
I love soboro so I decided on a soboro bento.

I minced some quorn “chicken” bites in about 1-3 seconds. A lot quicker than I imagined!
I also cooked some rice in my tefal rice cooker, another trusty gadget! I mixed in some vegetables so cook with the rice and using the included steaming basket I steamed an egg, which is exactly like a boiled egg but easier 🙂

As I was cooking… Or rather waiting for my gadgets to cook for me I picked out my Black+Blum Lunch Pot bought for me as a birthday gift by a close friend.

Here is the lunch :


I only needed the top section of the pot and I was extremely full so the full set would be great for a full days food!

Monbento review and Bento lunch

I was graciously sent a Monbento to review, here is the closed box:


And here is a meal I prepared in the box:


It contains: Spicy breaded chicken pieces, tamagoyaki, mixed vegetables, instant cucumber pickles and rice with different flavours inside. Also includes a small dipping pot of mayonnaise.

Now for the review!

Cost: 2.5/5

The Monbento costs €28 (£22.87) each. I have given it a score of 2.5 out of 5 as I feel this price will be too much for some people but acceptable for others. I personally think the box is worth it if bought for an adult with a large appetite that will use the box frequently.

Size: 5/5

The Monbento have a larger capacity than most other bento boxes and are designed with adults in mind. They would generally be too large for children as they are 1 litre, but could be used to pack two child sized meals.

Ease of use 5/5

With a clean and simple design packing the Monbento is extremely easy. They include a divider allowing you to easily separate different side dishes. And being a rectangle there is no need to try and squeeze food into oddly shaped “corners”.

Style 5/5

One of the best things about Monbento is the amount of customisation available. There are many colours available and many ways to mix and match, meaning everyone can have a different look to their lunch box.

• Sturdy and well made.
• Great size for adults.
• Choice of colours and designs.
• Good range of accessories.
• water and air tight.

• High cost.
• Large size not recommended for young children.

Overall a great box and if you’re an adult wanting a new lunch box I would recommend this highly!

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Merry Bento Christmas!


I received so many bento gifts this year! 🙂

Here are all the bento/ foody items I received :


My friends and partner are so thoughtful!

I also received 4 kokeshi dolls, some tabi socks and a kimono so it was a very japanese inspired Christmas, just how I like it!

Did you get any bento items for Christmas?

Birthday Black+Blum Bento!

So today is my birthday, YAY!!!!

My good friend, Kayleigh, got me an awesome lunch pot from Black+Blum, now if you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know I love Black+Blum

Here is the lunch pot:


It’s made of the same plastic as the other lunch boxes in the Black+Blum lunch range which gives it a strong and modern look.

Both jars are watertight ( I tested this by filling with water and holding upside down while shaking. Not a drop was spilt!! ) and they fit together in a cool strap/ holder with a handle and a pocket for the included spork.

You’ve got to love the designs Black+Blum think up!

Christmas Daruma Bento

Today I realised how long it’s been since I made a bento so I thought I’d better set to and make one.

I have been watching a channel called NHK world a lot recently and I remember watching one about daruma which are little japanese dolls.

I really wanted to make a bento with a daruma in it and so I merged a daruma with Santa, this is the result:


A Santa daruma with mixed vegetables and tamagoyaki “presents”.

Yay for Xmas!!!

Giveaway winner reveal and new Monbento

As many of you know I held a giveaway which was to end on the 15th of December, unfortunately my phone broke and I was reverted to living like a cave man for nearly a week!

I can finally reveal the winner!!


So the winner is Karen from What’s In Our Lunch Bags!!


The Hello Kitty kit will be sent out asap!!


On another note, I was graciously sent a bento box to review by Monbento


Isn’t it cool!! I can’t wait to review it!


The winner of the giveaway was generated by random.org and comments that I felt did not abide by the rules were not counted.)