Easter bento #3

Here is my third Easter bento post, I’m really getting back in to making themed bento and I think this will be my biggest streak of themed bento!

I wonder how many I will make before Easter actually passes?


Anyway, back to the post, and here it is:


easter bento 3


It contains:

Do you have any plans for Easter?

Simple Pasta Bento

Sadly nothing special, just the past few lunches in a different guise 🙂

It contains mayo-chip spice pasta, mixed salad, boiled egg, carrot and broccoli with cucumber tsukemono with beetroot.

Hopefully I’ll have something a little jazzier for you to feast your eyes upon 🙂

Simple Pasta Salad Bento

As you know I’m currently on a training course which doesn’t leave me much time for bento making.

As I tend to leave everything till last minute, for no discernible reason, I made a quick 10/15 minute bento this morning. ( That time was to cook pasta and tamagoyaki.)


This lunch contains mayonnaise and chip spice pasta on a (hidden) bed of salad, two tamagoyaki and a cherry tomato.

( Did you notice Bentley just relaxing in the pic? )

Keep Calm and Carry Bento!

No bento today. Sorry!

But I did recreate a little bit of art.

Et voila,


I’m sure everyone has seen one form or another of the “Keep calm and carry on” posters that were originally printed during the Second World War to remind all is Brits to keep a stuff upper lip.

Here is my ideal poster, and now I really want this in my kitchen!!!

Very Tasty Bento

It seems like so so long since I last made a bento.

I really need to get back on track with my bento making!!!

Anyway I finally managed to make one and it was delicious!!!!


It contains rice cooked in homemade chicken stock, mixed stir fry vegetables, fried mushrooms, snap-peas, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, duck spring rolls, hotdog “octopi” and beansprout tamagoyaki.

Definitely one of the more varied and tasty bento I have made.

What is your favourite foods to pack for lunch?

Red Nose Day Anpanman Bento (UPDATED!)

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary for Red Nose Day!

A great charity event that gives money to children and families that live in poverty and helps communities build much needed amenities .

As some of you will know I have been making bento to help raise awareness of this great charity, and here is my latest,


So far I have managed to raise, with the help of some very generous, very amazing people, £35 which is a great amount! I still have £15 to raise to hit my target. I would love it if we can hit the target before midnight tonight!

If three people donate just £5 the target can be hit!

If you want to be one of those three and potentially change a child’s life, you can make a donation at the link below:

This bento contains a cheese sandwich with carrot, nori and ham detail to make Anpanman. Two duck spring rolls and mixed vegetables.
And thank you to Debby over at I Pack Lunch for the awesome box!



Thanks to Farstepper , a true modern day hero, my target of £50 has been reached!! Head over and share the love!


Grown ups gotta eat!

My friend over at A Boy And His Lunch is having an awesome linky party which fits in with my current phase of creating adult friendly bento lunches.

This linky party features great lunches made by some truly amazing people!

The lunch I have chosen is of course my Game of Thrones bento, mainly because it’s one of, if not, my favourite bento I have made so far. And children shouldn’t be watching A Game Of Thrones thus making this an adult bento 🙂


Click the button below to be transported to a page of amazing, healthy adult lunches that may encourage you to pack some yourself!

Grown-Ups Gotta Eat