EasyLunchBoxes Review and two bento

So first off let’s get the bento out of the way so we can get on to the review!


These EasyLunchBoxes contained chicken, vegetable and prawn rice with cherry tomatoes. Mine had a teddy bear shaped egg and instant cucumber pickles. My partners had egg mixed into the rice and some sweet chilli sauce in the other compartment.

Now the review!!

I have to admit I was worried about using the EasyLunchBoxes only because most of the bento I make are traditional. What I did like is that this gave me a chance to think out of the box. I decided I would try to keep quite traditional while using this box.

When I opened the package that contained these I was shocked by something I heard over my shoulder,
” Wow they look miles better than normal bento boxes!” This was said by my partner who is usually less than enthusiastic about using bento boxes.

Cost: 5/5
The EasyLunchBoxes cost $13.95 (£8.70) for four which in my eyes is extremely affordable and cheap when compared to other boxes that can cost 3x more for only one box.

Size: 5/5
The size of the boxes is a great selling point, with the main compartment being around 600ml and being wide enough for if you wanted to make a kyaraben lunch or just pack a sandwich. Then there are two smaller side compartments that can be used for side dishes, sauce or a sweet. One smaller compartment is 200ml and the other is 150 ml.

Ease of use 5/5
One of the best things about the EasyLunchBoxes is the compartments, they make packing the boxes very simple. You can pack hot food next to cold without the cold food heating up ( pointed out by my partner when he stated “My tomatoes are still cold!”

• Cheap but not cheaply made.
• Great compartment sizes.
• Pack of four for families or groups of friends.
• Good portion sizes.
• One compartment can be cold and one warm without affecting each other.

• I cannot find one so please let me know if you find one so I can investigate!

For anyone interested in making bento, I’m hoping to publish an English language tutorial magazine, so please check out my kickstarter page

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Oh!Bento tutorial magazine project goes live!


As some of you know, I am hoping to publish a bento tutorial magazine.

I want the magazine to be highly interactive and feature what the readers want as well as their work.

I have set up a kickstarter page so please check it out, let me know what you think and please spread the news 🙂

The more people see this the higher the chance of there being the first bento magazine in English that you can control what is inside!

Here is my kickstarter page.

Thankyou 🙂

Today has been an amazing bento day!

So sadly I haven’t made a lunch today but I did receive some amazing parcels today!!

Up first is the amazing CuteZCute! I have been wanting one for so long! The lovely JeeJee from AllThingsForSale sent me one as a Christmas present, I literally cannot wait to use this!! ( I would be using it now but as it was for Christmas my partner took it off me and wrapped it 😦 )

Here it is in its beautiful packaging!


And here it is out of its packaging in all of it’s glory! I don’t know which face is my favourite, what’s yours?


Receiving the CuteZCute had set my day off to a great start! Then I had to go pick up a parcel, I was slightly concerned as I haven’t ordered anything that would have arrived in this day,

When I got to the post office to pick it up I was greeted by a huge box. My mind raced! I couldn’t even wait to get home to open the box, I went straight outside, opened the box and little clouds of packaging ( I don’t know their name) flew off into the wind. I could only get a peek at what was inside but when I got home and opened the mysterious box my eyes lit up. This is what it contained:


So many great items on one day!! This parcel was the joint effort of Karen from Our Lunch Bags and Kelly from Easy Lunch Boxes.

So i want to give a huge thanks, not to just these, three lovely ladies but to all my friends in the BBF 🙂

Tefal 8-in-1 rice cooker review


I think after the months of use I should write a review. so here goes!

Price: 5/5

I bought this rice cooker from Makro for just under half price. Even if I had paid full price for this particular appliance I would be more than happy knowing every penny was worth it.

Size: 5/5

This appliance is the perfect size! With a ten cup ( 2.2L ) capacity it will cook enough for the whole family while taking up minimal space on the counter.

Ease of use: 5/5

This rice cooker comes with ample instructions but even for those people that refuse to read instructions this machine is self explanatory. It has a very simple menu with large buttons.

With the ability to set a timer for cooking time and the ability to set the machine to start cooking just before you arrive home so that when you do arrive, your meal is freshly prepared.

This rice cooker also comes with a steamer basket making it possible to cook rice, vegetables and even a boiled ( technically steamed ) egg all in one go.


  • Can be used to cook rice, pulses and grains, porridge, steamed foods, slow cooking, soups and cakes among other items.
  • Comes with large non-stick removable bowl for easy cleaning.
  • Comes with rice paddle and a small but perfectly formed cookbook.
  • Light and easy to transport.
  • The ability to have your meal freshly cooked for when you arrive home.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Looks sleek and with the stainless steel shell it is easy to clean.
  • Automatic stop cooking/ keep warm feature means no more cold rice.


  • It doesn’t clean the dishes. ( Yes I know that’s not a serious comment but I literally cannot find a fault with this appliance!)

Rabbit on the moon bento

Sorry I haven’t been very entertaining of late, I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been focusing so much on planning the magazine.

But I thought I’d better make a bento as to not slip too far behind. I wanted to use my Moon Dough box and I started to wonder what to do. I went for a Japanese theme, in Japanese culture there is a legend about a rabbit living on the moon and pounding mochi (rice cake).

This lunch consists of the rabbit made from a moulded boiled egg, mixed vegetables and beetroot rice 🙂


This bento cost less than 40p to make!

Bento Box Alternative: Moon Dough

Today while our shopping I found this:


It’s Moon Dough! Now I’m not bothered about the actual Moon Dough but rather the box. I really liked the shape of the box and for 99p from Home Bargains I thought I’d take the jump and buy it.

This box will make a great and cheap alternative to expensive bento boxes. It has a snap on lid that feels quite secure. Obviously this box isn’t meant for food so it may be wise to use bun cases etc so that your food doesn’t touch the box itself. Also I very much doubt this box would survive in a dishwasher so hand washing would be best.

Either way a very cool, 300ml bento box for less than a pound, I’m not going to complain!


Pokemon bento, how to: radish Pokeballs

After viewing my pokemon bento a few people have asked how I made the Pokeballs. So I thought I’d make a little tutorial so everyone can have a go!

They’re really easy to make and taste great!

What you will need


• Radishes ( I usually only make 2 or 3 )
• Nori seaweed
• A sharp knife
• Scissors
• A little sauce ( tomato, brown, mayonnaise etc )

Step 1


Score a line around the centre of the radish to separate the top and bottom of the “pokeball”

Step 2


Start “scraping” the layer of red off of the bottom of the “pokeball”. Don’t cut the flesh off as it will change the shape. Scraping takes the red skin off to reveal the white while keeping a spherical shape.


Step 3


Cut out long, thin strips from the seaweed and some small circles slightly wider than the strips.

Step 4


Using a little sauce stick the nori strip onto the pokeball around the line you scored and then stick the circle onto the middle.

You now have some delicious little Pokeballs for your pokemon bento!