Muji Bento Box Review

I have been sent a number of items to review recently and one of those I have been sent is the Muji Bento Box

This box is made exclusively for Mujiand even though it looks similar to other square bento boxes it does feel a bit sturdier and even looks slightly more stylish and minimalistic.

Cost: 4/5
This box is £12.95, which a lot of people would find expensive for its relatively small size, but it is definitely worth it. This product is sturdier, more stylised and unlike a lot of single layer boxes of this style, it is leakproof!

Size: 3/5
While relatively small, in comparison to many other boxes on the market, at 400ml, this box is very deceptive. At first glance it looks like it wouldn’t fit more than a serving of rice, but in actual fact it can hold a fair amount of food if packed correctly.

Ease Of Use: 3/5
Being slightly smaller will either make it easier to pack or harder depending on the person. I personally find it easier to pack smaller boxes as I don’t have to worry about empty spaces or the food shifting about. You definitely wouldn’t need to add any extra side dishes just to fill in spaces.

Style: 3/5
This was a tough one. There are many one tier, square boxes around the same size as this. This box does however look slightly more futuristic and clean ( not in a “just been washed” way but in a more stylised way). If you want a square plain box this is the box, especially if you feel uneasy carrying a box adorned with Hello Kitty or the like.

•Sturdy and stylised.
•Adult and child friendly.
•Removable divider.

•Small size may not benefit everyone.
•May be slightly cost prohibitive.


To show how much food can be packed here is a bento I made.

This lunch contains: Prawn tempura, two cocktail sausages, a star shaped onigiri, mixed vegetables and cherry tomatoes.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Adult Bento – Crispy duck pancake

This by no means is an attractive bento so I’m sorry for that, but I’m also sorry you can’t taste it because it was beautiful!!!


Packed into my Easy Lunchbox are 6 crispy duck pancakes ( they’re so chunky because they’re filled with carrot and mushrooms too), mixed vegetables, cherry tomatoes and hoisin sauce.

It was soo tasty, shame the pancakes looked all weird but they sill tasted great!

Bento box reviews to come:

I have received a few products to review and I also forgot to write a post about the boxes I received. Sorry!

So I’m doing this post to show the next three boxes I will be reviewing.

These bento boxes are:

Muji bento box!


Sistema Slimline Quaddie


Kiiroitori / Rilakkuma bento


Which review are you looking forward to?

Is there a product you’d like to see reviewed or maybe you have a product and would like a review, let me know with a comment below 🙂

Grown ups gotta eat!

My friend over at A Boy And His Lunch is having an awesome linky party which fits in with my current phase of creating adult friendly bento lunches.

This linky party features great lunches made by some truly amazing people!

The lunch I have chosen is of course my Game of Thrones bento, mainly because it’s one of, if not, my favourite bento I have made so far. And children shouldn’t be watching A Game Of Thrones thus making this an adult bento 🙂


Click the button below to be transported to a page of amazing, healthy adult lunches that may encourage you to pack some yourself!

Grown-Ups Gotta Eat

FunBites review and Burger Bites

So I was recently emailed about doing a review for FunBites and I jumped at the chance. This tool is sold on the fact it makes food more appetising to picky eaters as well as making food easier for young children to manage.

When I received the package, I chose the “cube it”, the first thing I did was run to the kitchen, make a jam sandwich and used the tool to chop it into multiple, little pieces. It was so easy to use!

I wanted to do something a little more challenging to show you it’s capabilities so decided on making Burger Bites.


These would be great for young children at BBQ’s!

Here’s a pic to show each bite has all the ingredients for a great burger!

This product would be great if you have children who can’t take large mouthfuls or prefer smaller portions. You could carry this small and useful tool to be used in restaurants, family meals or anywhere else food would be served.

All you do is push down on the food with the main cutter body, rock back and forth and then use the “top” to push out your cut food. Easy!

For a more In depth post about how to use it and the best way to get perfect results click here to be taken to Bent On Better Lunches

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Adult Bento – Vegetarian Bolognese

I have decided to try and focus more on adult friendly lunches, this doesn’t mean I will be hanging up my character bento gear, after all I said “try” and everyone needs a little, cute lunch once in a while.

The bento below may not be cute but it was very tasty and filling 🙂

Some of you may have read that I discovered a product known as “meatless mince” from Iceland ( the shop not country) it is Iceland’s own brand version of Quorn mince. It is however different in both cost and taste, in the sense it is both cheaper and tastier than Quorn, in my opinion at least.

Anyway I have been using it the past few days and today I really wanted Bolognese. I wasn’t sure how it would taste but let me tell you it was potentially the best bolognese I’ve had in a long time!


I packed it into my Black+Blum Box Appetit with rice and mixed vegetables. If you’re wondering why rice and not spaghetti, it’s because I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti 😦

And just to show off how dang cool the Black+Blum Box Appetit here is the box with it’s lid on.

Cool box huh?

A lunch full of Pooh!

Today is A.A Milne’s birthday!!

If you read my teaser post you will know my amazing friend over at Biting The Hand That Feeds You is hosting a linky party to commemorate! So be expecting lots of puns about eating “Pooh”.

Here is my bento to pay homage to the creator of the loveable yellow bear:


I didn’t realise until writing this that it is a vegetarian meal, if they don’t mind eating cheese that is 🙂

The meal is made up of cheese and seaweed Pooh’s face on a spicy bed of rice (some being blue to represent the sky), meatless mince and broccoli meant to look like a tree and mixed vegetables for the 100 acre wood floor.
I also included my handmade apple picks to try and make the tree more identifiable as a tree 🙂

So go check out all the other great entries and why not have a shot at making your own Winnie the Pooh lunch!

Winnie the Pooh cookie cube and meatless mince!

Tomorrow is A.A.Milne’s birthday and to celebrate me and some of my fellow BBF buddies are doing what we do best, making lunches.
We will be having a Winnie the Pooh (and anything else linking to Milne) bento linky party 🙂

I saw a product I’ve wanted for ages but didn’t particularly need, now is defiantly a time in which I’ll need it, the product?

A Winnie the Pooh cookie cutter cube!

A great product for only £2!

I also bought some “meatless mince” from Iceland ( I thought I’d picked up Quorn… I was wrong) luckily it was delicious, maybe more so than Quorn and definitely more tasty ( and easier to cook!) than Iceland’s own brand mince. And at £2 for 1KG you can’t go wrong!


I made my Winnie bento as soon as I got in as I couldn’t wait!

Here is a sneak peek!


CuteZCute eggless cookies!

Today I really wanted to bake but we had no eggs and I didn’t want to go out in the snow, or I should say I didn’t want to go out because the streets are like an ice rink!

So I searched for a recipe on cookies that doesn’t include eggs and I found one here.

I have collected a lot of cookie cutters due to my bento hobby ( I believe hobby is pronounced something like ob-sess-ion ) but it came down to using my CuteZCute because, quite frankly, it’s my favourite 🙂

Here is the finished results:


Sadly one of the frogs didn’t survive the cooking process and his features disappeared, my fault not the CuteZCute 🙂

Odds and Ends bento in an ELB

It seems like ages since I did a food shop so this bento is just odds and ends and is definitely not going to win awards for presentation!


I packed my ELB with two onigiri (rice balls) filled with tuna,mayo and sweetcorn. As the rice balls only had a tiny amount of the tuna,mayo mix I decided I’d mix some cucumber in and have that in the medium compartment. In the small compartment there is a sliced, boiled egg. As the main compartment looked bare I filled it with celery.

EasyLunchBoxes now in BRIGHT colours!


So some of you will have heard I am now a group of bento enthusiasts and friends. This group is full of some extremely amazing ladies ( I’m the only male which makes me feel super special haha).

One of these ladies is the wonderful Kelly Lester, the creator of the EasyLunchBox container. This lunchbox is certainly one of the best lunchboxes on the market, and this is not just my opinion but many, many people’s.

The EasyLunchBoxes have gone through a colourful transformation. While retaining the well loved shape and style of the well known box the lids are now available in super bright colours sure to delight children and maybe even some adults too!

For more information and to buy some for your child, family or yourself click this link.

Happy shopping!

Oh!Bento uses a CuteZCute

This post, though not a bento lunch, does show the result of my first day using the amazing CuteZCute.

First off in the morning I had a panda jam sandwich:


Literally the cutest sandwich ever!!

Then for tea I had two (it looks like four but that’s only because I printed each side ) “student” cheese toasties:



This is now one of my favourite bento tools. What makes the CuteZCute a winner in my eyes is how easy it is to use! There is no need to get up hours earlier to plan, it takes only a minute or two to prepare the sandwich and cut it. The CuteZCute also negates the need for tweezers as there is no fiddly bits of nori to try and piece together.

If you want a tool that makes bento-ing easy and fast while still having choice, the set includes the panda, frog, cat and pig cutter which also act as stamps, I would highly recommend the CuteZCute.