Alessi Lily Pond Sushi Set Review

Another review in the Wayfair saga 🙂

This is a review for the Alessi Lily Pond Sushi Set.


A beautifully made set inspired by traditional aesthetics with a huge dose of character.

This set contains one bone china plate, one pair of chopsticks, a chopstick stand and a soy sauce bowl.

Cost: 3/5

At £55.00 it is an extremely luxurious purchase but sushi deserves respect. You can’t just stick it on a chipped pound shop plate!

Size: 5/5

Even though there is only plate it is big enough to serve four, if not more!
It does however only come with on chopstick set, stand and sauce bowl.

Style: 5/5

If there is one thing this set has it is style!
Inspired by tradition Asian styles and ideas this set manages to mix sophisticated style with charming pop colours.

The plate is black with lotus detail while the accessories are brightly coloured and charming.

• Beautifully made.
• Very stylised, sophisticated while being fun.
• Big enough for parties.

• Expensive.
• Only one chopstick set.

For another sushi set check out the
Blomus Gaio Set Review.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.


Blomus Gaio Sushi Set Review

Here is another review in the Wayfair review series.

This review is for the Blomus Gaio Sushi Set


This is a beautifully simple sushi / finger food set. The set contains two porcelain plates, two weighted chopsticks, two silver snack forks and two silver chopstick / fork stands that fit onto the plates.

Cost: 3/5

At £45.15 this is definitely a luxury item, but as far as sushi platters go the price is pretty standard across the board ranging from £40+ for the nice sets.

Size: 3/5

You get two plates in this set which makes it great for a couple but not so ideal for a dinner party scenario which is were I’d imagine sushi serving is most likely, however it would be perfect for those who love sushi and want romantic meals together with a loved one.

Style: 5/5

This set has a minimal, yet beautiful aesthetic. With two plain white porcelain plates and stainless steel accessories this set doesn’t need fancy patterns. Sure to fit in with any colour / pattern scheme in your home.

• beautifully simple design.
• luxury feel.
• Chopsticks and Snack forks.
• Easy to clean.

• Not suited to party scenarios.

Out of this set and the Alessi set I think my favourite would be the Alessi Set but it was a hard decision and this is certainly a great set!

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Sistema Cutlery To Go Review and Simple Bento

I was sent a set of “Cutlery To Go” from Sistema to review.


This is a great set made up of collapsible chopsticks, a knife, fork and spoon all in a handy and hygienic carry case!

Cost: 5/5
While some people may think £5.50 is expensive for a cutlery set I think it it is a very reasonable price for a cutlery set that is collapsible and has its own carry case to keep them cutlery clean and hygienic.

Size: 5/5
The cutlery collapses and is stored in a compact case that can be easily slipped into a bag to be carried with your lunch.

Ease Of Use: 3/5
A great set that snaps together and apart, while they aren’t too hard to take apart they can be a little stiff which may cause problems for smaller children.
This set would be great for picnics, bento or even taking to a restaurant if you don’t want your children handling sharper, metal cutlery.

Style: 5/5
As far as cutlery goes this set has quite a stylus edge. Available in four bright colours means they won’t need to get mixed up!

•Collapsible and compact.
•Bright colours.
•Hygienic carry case.
•Great for picnics and bento etc

•Can be a little tough to take apart.

This great set can be purchased


Here is the bento I used the collapsible cutlery woth

This lunch contains tamagoyaki,radishes,mixed vegetables and sushi. Sadly the sushi rice was too mushy so I couldn’t cut it into pieces 😦

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Aladdin eCycle 4 piece Lunch Set with Recycled Tote Review

Another review for you, I was sent an Aladdin eCycle bento set to review from ReUseIt and its a great set!


This set ticks a lot of boxes, pardon the pun, it is made from recycled products, it is extremely versatile and it even looks quite snazzy!

Anyway onto the main review:

Cost: 4/5
at $24.95 (£16) it is a more expensive option but it also has reason to be. You get four boxes and a bag to carry them all in. While expensive compared to some other lunch boxes it may also prove to be better when compared.

Size: 5/5
The reason I give this set a 5/5 is because of it’s versatility. With a main box being around 550ml, a medium box being around 250ml and two smaller boxes being around 125ml you get 1050ml and a bag to carry it all in!

Ease Of Use: 5/5
With their being three different sizes it makes packing a breeze! Now you won’t have to try and squeeze your cherry tomatoes in with your salad, they can have their own box. And why not carry some nuts or seeds in the small boxes as a snack?

Style: 5/5
A greatly presented set in a very gender neutral way. Being charcoal means it would look great being used by men or women, and even children who want a more sophisticated look.

• Four boxes and a bag for one set price.
• Unisex.
• Extremely versatile.
• Leakproof.
• Easy to keep foods separate.

• Can be hard to open due to locks and seal.
• May be cost prohibitive.
• Only one style.

You can find this great item and many more by clicking the button below!


You can also check out ReUseIt by following them on their social networking sites:

And as usual, here is a lunch packed in this box:

I went for a Valentine’s theme. This bento contains a red, beetroot and rice heart, mixed vegetables, prawn tempura, meatless mince and a heart shaped boiled egg. With some cherry tomatoes brought along for the bento party 🙂

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Hello Kitty Bento Giveaway

A few of you may remember a promise I made a while back and for those who don’t here is what I promised,

“If I reach 5000 views before December I will do a giveaway”

Now I can thankfully say that with the help of yourselves and my bento friends we took that challenge and smashed it!

So here is what I’m giving away:


• A Hello Kitty bento box
• A set of Hello Kitty cutlery ( fork and spoon)
• A pink heart shaped bento divider
• Two Hello Kitty bento picks
• A hand sewn bento belt made my me

With this set you will be able to pack a great little bento 🙂

How to enter:

(Leave a comment for each of these that you do and include an email so I can contact you if you win)

• Leave a comment below with how you first discovered bento making.

• Like Oh!Bento UK on Facebook.

• Follow Oh!Bento UK on Twitter.

• Share about this giveaway and leave a comment with the URL. ( you can do this once a day, if you share on multiple platforms leave a comment for each)

Conditions and Rules
•This giveaway will continue until the 15th of December. I will email the winner who will then have 2 days to reply and claim the prize.

• The winner will be chosen at random by use of, the more comments you leave the better the chance of winning.

• This giveaway is only open to the UK, USA and Europe.


I’m hoping to publish an English bento tutorial magazine, to achieve this I have set up a kickstarter page. If you’d like to see a quarterly magazine filled with tutorials, product reviews and other foody tid-bits then please check it out and let your friends know 🙂

Sushi set super cheap!


Today I went to Walton Street market again, and I found these great sushi kits!
They were £1 each (about $1.54) I bought them mainly for the bamboo mat, as everywhere I see them they’re like £5+, but either way I will end up using all of the stuff anyway. I’m now thinking I maybe should have bought more than one 😦