Secret Santa!

Me and my bento buddies decided to do a secret Santa for Christmas. Sadly as I live in England and most of my bento pals live in the US, post takes a long time to arrive.

But today my parcel arrived!!! Ok, they tried to deliver it yesterday but I was at work so I went to pick it up today 🙂

I couldn’t even wait til I got home to open the large parcel!

My secret Santa was my good friend from Bento for kidlet and boy did she do a great job of making an amazing present!


Included were :

• A Hello Kitty canvas tote and throw set (the throw is ridiculously soft!!!)
• a Hello Kitty bento box
• four different bento cutter and baran sets
• two sets of bento picks
• a Hello Kitty notepad, pens and 3d stickers
• a sandwich cutter and
• an awesome monkey cutter.

My friend at Bento for kidlet knows how much I love Hello Kitty but she must also be a mind reader. I have wanted all of these bento goodies for so so long!!!


Merry Bento Christmas!


I received so many bento gifts this year! 🙂

Here are all the bento/ foody items I received :


My friends and partner are so thoughtful!

I also received 4 kokeshi dolls, some tabi socks and a kimono so it was a very japanese inspired Christmas, just how I like it!

Did you get any bento items for Christmas?

Birthday Black+Blum Bento!

So today is my birthday, YAY!!!!

My good friend, Kayleigh, got me an awesome lunch pot from Black+Blum, now if you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know I love Black+Blum

Here is the lunch pot:


It’s made of the same plastic as the other lunch boxes in the Black+Blum lunch range which gives it a strong and modern look.

Both jars are watertight ( I tested this by filling with water and holding upside down while shaking. Not a drop was spilt!! ) and they fit together in a cool strap/ holder with a handle and a pocket for the included spork.

You’ve got to love the designs Black+Blum think up!

Giveaway winner reveal and new Monbento

As many of you know I held a giveaway which was to end on the 15th of December, unfortunately my phone broke and I was reverted to living like a cave man for nearly a week!

I can finally reveal the winner!!


So the winner is Karen from What’s In Our Lunch Bags!!


The Hello Kitty kit will be sent out asap!!


On another note, I was graciously sent a bento box to review by Monbento


Isn’t it cool!! I can’t wait to review it!


The winner of the giveaway was generated by and comments that I felt did not abide by the rules were not counted.)

Hello Kitty Bento Giveaway

A few of you may remember a promise I made a while back and for those who don’t here is what I promised,

“If I reach 5000 views before December I will do a giveaway”

Now I can thankfully say that with the help of yourselves and my bento friends we took that challenge and smashed it!

So here is what I’m giving away:


• A Hello Kitty bento box
• A set of Hello Kitty cutlery ( fork and spoon)
• A pink heart shaped bento divider
• Two Hello Kitty bento picks
• A hand sewn bento belt made my me

With this set you will be able to pack a great little bento 🙂

How to enter:

(Leave a comment for each of these that you do and include an email so I can contact you if you win)

• Leave a comment below with how you first discovered bento making.

• Like Oh!Bento UK on Facebook.

• Follow Oh!Bento UK on Twitter.

• Share about this giveaway and leave a comment with the URL. ( you can do this once a day, if you share on multiple platforms leave a comment for each)

Conditions and Rules
•This giveaway will continue until the 15th of December. I will email the winner who will then have 2 days to reply and claim the prize.

• The winner will be chosen at random by use of, the more comments you leave the better the chance of winning.

• This giveaway is only open to the UK, USA and Europe.


I’m hoping to publish an English bento tutorial magazine, to achieve this I have set up a kickstarter page. If you’d like to see a quarterly magazine filled with tutorials, product reviews and other foody tid-bits then please check it out and let your friends know 🙂

Bloomin’ ‘eck it’s Black+Blum

Yesterday I received some amazing boxes! They were graciously sent from Black+Blum so that I may do a review.

From the few exchanges I can tell these are a great company, a company that truly care about their customers and their products.

So here are the boxes:

First is the Black+Blum bento


And now the Black+Blum box appetit


I know what you’re thinking, “No details?!”

Nope I’m leaving them for the review,
which will also be featured in my Oh!Bento Tutorial Magazine

Today has been an amazing bento day!

So sadly I haven’t made a lunch today but I did receive some amazing parcels today!!

Up first is the amazing CuteZCute! I have been wanting one for so long! The lovely JeeJee from AllThingsForSale sent me one as a Christmas present, I literally cannot wait to use this!! ( I would be using it now but as it was for Christmas my partner took it off me and wrapped it 😦 )

Here it is in its beautiful packaging!


And here it is out of its packaging in all of it’s glory! I don’t know which face is my favourite, what’s yours?


Receiving the CuteZCute had set my day off to a great start! Then I had to go pick up a parcel, I was slightly concerned as I haven’t ordered anything that would have arrived in this day,

When I got to the post office to pick it up I was greeted by a huge box. My mind raced! I couldn’t even wait to get home to open the box, I went straight outside, opened the box and little clouds of packaging ( I don’t know their name) flew off into the wind. I could only get a peek at what was inside but when I got home and opened the mysterious box my eyes lit up. This is what it contained:


So many great items on one day!! This parcel was the joint effort of Karen from Our Lunch Bags and Kelly from Easy Lunch Boxes.

So i want to give a huge thanks, not to just these, three lovely ladies but to all my friends in the BBF 🙂