Pokemon bento, how to: radish Pokeballs

After viewing my pokemon bento a few people have asked how I made the Pokeballs. So I thought I’d make a little tutorial so everyone can have a go!

They’re really easy to make and taste great!

What you will need


• Radishes ( I usually only make 2 or 3 )
• Nori seaweed
• A sharp knife
• Scissors
• A little sauce ( tomato, brown, mayonnaise etc )

Step 1


Score a line around the centre of the radish to separate the top and bottom of the “pokeball”

Step 2


Start “scraping” the layer of red off of the bottom of the “pokeball”. Don’t cut the flesh off as it will change the shape. Scraping takes the red skin off to reveal the white while keeping a spherical shape.


Step 3


Cut out long, thin strips from the seaweed and some small circles slightly wider than the strips.

Step 4


Using a little sauce stick the nori strip onto the pokeball around the line you scored and then stick the circle onto the middle.

You now have some delicious little Pokeballs for your pokemon bento!



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