How to: easy soboro bento for less than 70p!


After making the soboro bento the other day I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to make a super easy and super cheap soboro bento.

I measured the ingredients and worked out how much that made the bento cost and the whole bento cost less than 70p! That’s with over estimating the prices too!

So if you want to make a really easy and cheap bento here is how:

What you will need
•1/2 cup of uncooked rice
•25g of minced beef
•1 egg
•100g of mixed vegetables
•1 Carrot
• Salt and tomato purée

The steps

• Measure your ingredients out.
• Wash your rice and cook as standard.
• Cut the carrot in half, cut one half into very small pieces and with the other use a peeler to make very thin discs. Put the cubes aside and then put the carrot slices in a freezer bag, sprinkle with salt, shake to coat and then put in the freezer.
• Cook your eggs so they’re scrambled and try to get the pieces as small as possible.
• Cook the mince so it is still moist but in small pieces, add a little tomato purée to taste.
• Cook your vegetables either by steaming of dry frying.
• Assemble the bento by almost filling one layer with rice then top with the mince, egg and carrot cubes. Fill the other tier with the pickled carrot slices in a cupcake divider and the mixed vegetables.

Ps. Even when trying to measure to minimise waste there were still leftovers. These measurements were for a 560ml two tiered bento



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