Kuhn Rikon Sandwich Knife Review

Kuhn Rikon generously sent me an amazing sandwich knife!

20140703-095942-35982822.jpg Now why is it a sandwich knife and not just a bread knife?

Not only does this knife cut through bread extremely easily it also has a large flat side so you can use it to spread your filling without tearing up the bread!


Here is a little video of just how easy to use it is and it saves you using two different knives!


Now on to the review!


Cost: 4/5

At £12.95 this is one of the pricier bread knives on the market but I can tell you it is well worth it. The fact you can use it to cut the bread and spread the filling without having to switch knives is a convenience you didn’t know you needed…but you do! As the knife is very sharp it makes quick work of cutting onions, potatoes and carrots too. So if you use it for all of that you get a bread knife, butter knife, vegetable knife and I’ve heard people have even used it to carve meat! So you essentially get 4 knives worth of use from one multi-use tool!

Ease Of Use: 5/5

As has come to be expected of Kuhn Rikon, this knife is extremely high quality. With a Japanese stainless steel blade this knife makes quick work of everything that I’ve used it on. It slices through bread like butter and doesn’t need much force to cut through even a tough vegetable. All while being able to spread butter etc without tearing the bread. 

Style: 5/5

I love the look of Kuhn RIkon’s kitchen ware. The bright colours and the great style makes them perfect for almost any kitchen. This knife is available in 5 different colours so there should be one for your taste too!


  • Very sharp, strong blade for cutting.
  • Smooth blade edge for spreading.
  • Safety sheath.
  • Great choice of colours.
  • Very versatile.



  • The price may put some people off.
  • Could be difficult to sharpen, but that’s only because I personally don’t know how.

Disclaimer I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.