Vegetarian bento, generosity and more bento swag

My wonderful friend Alexandra from Lunches With Eyeness sent me an amazing parcel.

It contained this great bento book full of truly stunning ideas!!


One of the lunches in the book inspired my bento for today,


It contains:
•Sliced omelette
Instant “tsukemono” pickles
•Sliced carrot
•Mixed salad
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Carrot and cucumber kabob with a bottle of chilli-mayo.

Also in the parcel were two beautiful craft pieces from Japan.

One was a beautiful, little kimono:


The next was a beautiful montage of miniature, paper dolls:


Both of these pieces are now on my wall 🙂

Also today two cutter sets arrived that I managed to get very cheap from eBay 🙂


Yay bento swag!

Easiest Bento Ever!

Today I woke up late, combined with the fact I haven’t done any food shopping in a while meant I had to make something simple and quick for today’s lunch.

And thus the easiest bento ever was born!


It contains chip spice-mayo pasta with mixed vegetables and “rabbit” apples.

So all I had to do was boil some pasta, throw some mixed vegetables in at the last few minutes. Drain and mix in some mayonnaise and chip spice. Done!

I added some rabbit apples to try and make it look a little fancier but to make it even easier you could just put in regular sliced apple 🙂

DIY Nerdy Bento Baran + Tutorial

I bought some silicone keyboard covers a few weeks back for this project but completely forgot/ have been too busy to start the project.

So today I sat down and made some geeky baran, and I even made a tutorial video that I will include below 🙂

The silicone keyboard covers were about £1.50 each. I bought 1 black and 1 green.

After about ten minutes I had turned said keyboard covers into the coolest little baran! Et voila!


I can’t wait to use them in a bento! 🙂

Anyway here is the tutorial video:

(Sorry for my voice, I have a really sore throat >.< )

For more DIY Baran click here 🙂

* make sure any silicone you will be using with food is good safe!

Just one!

Today I only had to make a bento for myself, while i enjoy making bento for others it can be quite a struggle to think of what to pack as well as taking a little extra time to prepare.

So it was quite nice to be able to wake up later and only have to throw together a fast and tasty lunch.

This lunch took about 15 minutes in total to make, pack and photograph.


This lunch contains:

  • Mixed salad
  • Cherry tomatoes and
  • Egg coated noodles ( I think they need a name.. maybe Ramago? a mix of Tamago (egg) and Ramen (Noodles)

<u>To make the “Ramago”</u> (This is for one serving using a packet ramen)

  • Put 100ml of water in a pan and bring to boil.
  • Add noodles and any spices and stir to break up.
  • Keep stirring until all of the water has evaporated and then turn off heat.
  • Break an egg into a measuring jug and mix.
  • Put the noodles into the egg and stir to coat.
  • Add noodles and eggs back to the pan and cook fully over low heat.
  • Once the egg is fully cooked, turn of heat and serve as desired.

Three bento Day

If you read my post yesterday you’ll know today I was planning on making three bento today.

One for myself and two for the training course tutors.

Here are the tutor’s bento:


They are based, quite heavily, on the bento from the cover of the Just Bento cookbook.

They contain:
• Chicken and pepper stir fry
• Egg fried rice
Instant tsukemono pickles
• Cherry tomatoes and
• Broccoli

I have the same lunch in my two tier bento:


The tutors seemed to really enjoy their lunches so that’s a bonus!

Oh!Bento’s Busy Day!

Ok so wow today has been nonstop! Hence posting so late!

First off this morning I had to prepare two bento. One for me and one for someone involved in the training course I’m currently on.

It was fun and I made the kitchen look like a warzone!

Here is my bento:


In my Black+Blum Box Appetit there is:
•Mayo-chip spice pasta
•Mixed salad
•Crispy chicken
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Hard boiled egg

It was soo filling and so tasty too!!

The bento I made for the other person ( no I won’t tell you their name 😉 ) contained all of above with the addition of apple rabbits.


Then the wonderful Sheri over at Awesome Sauce and Asshattery made a great post about my DIY bento picks ( You need to head over because she looks great in a yukata!! )

And then my guest post about how to start making your own bento went live over on SushiSushi!

And to top it all off I was up until 23:10 washing the pots and cleaning the kitchen 😦

But overall it was a great day and tomorrow I have to make lunch for me and two of the course tutors 🙂

Adventure Time – Lumpy Space Princess Bento

It may be a week later than I planned but my Adventure Time bento is finally completed!!!

My friend over at What’s in our lunch bags helped organise us and made the linky for us 🙂 so thank you Karen 🙂

So I figured if I’m making an Adventure Time bento it had to feature my favourite character, Lumpy Space Princess!

And here she is in all her globbing glory!


This lunch contains an egg sandwich, omelet Lumpy Space Princess (dyed with beetroot juice and decorated with sliced cheese and nori ), mixed salad, carrot coins, broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

Oh and some baked beans.

Yes beans.

Check out the other great Adventure Time lunches in the linky 🙂