Game Of Thrones Bento Hop

As I’m sure you all know, Game of Thrones season 3 starts tomorrow ( or today if you’re lucky and happen to live in America)

So to mark this momentous occasion me and my fellow bento making GoT fans have decided on a blog hop!

Here is my Game of Thrones inspired bento:


I thought I’d go for an abstract, chibi look 🙂

This bento contains:
•Lamprey pie ( Steak and Kidney pie).
•Dragon eggs ( hard boiled eggs soaked in tea) guarded by a baby dragon made from cheese and nori.
• The Greyjoy’s Kraken sigil made from cheese and nori.
• The Arryn’s Moon and Falcon sigil made from cheese, ham and nori.
• The Baratheon’s Stag Sigil made from cheese, nori and ham detail.
• The Tyrell’s Flower sigil carved from a radish.
•Cubes of rice and mixed vegetables on a bed of lettuce.

Now as it’s a hop we have all linked to each other so you can go around in an endless, amazing circle of epic Game of Thrones awesomeness 🙂

So click the great image below to sail across the narrow sea toward Karen at What’s In Our Lunch Bags and see what feast she has made!


And if you’re still hungry for more Game of Thrones grub here is my first GoT bento


New Bento Cutters (Stitch/Chip n Dale/My Melody)

I ordered some bento cutters from eBay the other day as they were a lot cheaper than anywhere else I’d seen them.

They arrived, from china, in just over a week. Each set of two cutters cost between £1.19-£1.30 as opposed to the £6+ I’d seen them elsewhere online.

I bought:


Chip n Dale


And My Melody and My Sweet Piano


I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what “My Sweet Piano” was, I just thought it was a weird sheep :/

Ps. The twenty pence piece is to show scale

Easter Bento and Bento Anniversary

I thought it was about time made an Easter bento. Easter bento will always be special to me because it marks the time when I started making bento.
So this marks ( there or bouts ) my first year of bento making!!!

Here is my bento birthday bento:


It contains two bunny sandwiches with radish details, hard boiled egg cut in half, radish rabbits and lots of baby tomatoes with lettuce. It was a last minute rush so that’s why it is filled with tomatoes 🙂

One of my bento friends has also made radish rabbits so check out Bento For Kidlet .
And thank you to Kendra at Biting the hand that feeds you for the inspiration 🙂

Wilkinson’s Bento Sauce Bottles and Ice Packs

Today I visited my local Wilkinson’s and found they had a small section of “picnic” items, often “picnic” translates as “bento” to me 🙂

They had a three tier picnic lunch box for £10 which is meant to be used to carry enough food for a family, it’s a lot cheaper than most picnic bento boxes 🙂

They also had cute ice packs for £2.50, each set includes two “flat” ice packs:


The ones I picked included a polar bear and a penguin:


I also bought some sauce containers,

These sauce containers cost £1.25 and although I love the cute little sauce bottles you can get for bento I think these particular ones will be a lot more useful 🙂

Here they are out of the packaging:


Bacon Bento

After reading this post on Just Bento about bacon furikake I decided I really, really wanted some bacon in my bento 🙂

I didn’t follow the recipe on Just Bento mainly because I can’t get hold of Japanese products that easily and bacon tastes pretty good cooked as is anyway. So here is my bacon bento:


It contains salted rice, bacon pieces, radish, mixed veg and scrambled egg soboro.

The bacon was delicious, I cut off the fat before cooking and instead of frying with oil I just added a small amount of water mixed with some chilli for a kick.
The bento was really simple and delicious!

Due to forward planning and preparation this bento took just over 15 minutes to make 🙂

* I forgot to put in my instant tsukemono pickles that I made last night 😦

How to make Tsukemono (Instant Pickles)

One of my favourite side dishes, for bento and other meals too, is tsukemono or instant pickles. This is not the kind of pickle you spread in sandwiches with meat but the sort akin to pickled eggs but with vegetables.

Below are two methods in which Tsukemono can be made

Press-less method

This tutorial uses a cucumber for demonstration purposes but you can use almost any vegetable using the same principles.

Step 1:

Cut lengthwise through the centre of the cucumber, the cut should be 2 inch deep per person. So for 3 people the cut should be 6 inch deep.

Step 2:

Cut the cucumber into thin rounds, the cut through the middle makes the cucumber into crescents.

Step 3:


Using about 1/4 teaspoon of salt per 2 inch, massage the cucumber with the salt until limp.

Step 4:


Put into a freezer bag and shake up the cucumber to make sure the cucumber is evenly coated in salt. Now put the freezer bag in the fridge and leave for at least 15 minutes. Instant vegetables taste best if left overnight.

Pressed Method

Follow previous method but instead of putting the pickles in the fridge in a freezer bag you can use a press to further extract more liquid making the pickles better.

You can purchase Japanese pickle presses online but they can be quite expensive, a great alternative if you only want to make small batches is the Eddington’s Egg Cuber.

You simply put the pickles in the body of the Egg Cuber and screw on the lid pressing the pickles and releasing it’s own pickling liquid.


Then put the Egg Cubers in a bowl/tub and put in the fridge.


The salty juice left from the instant pickles makes a great tangy salad dressing!

Zak Design Bento Box

Today I found a great Zak Design bento box in TK Maxx in Hull

(The fork is there for scale)

This great box was a bargain at only £2.99. The box is 800ml and is stackable with other boxes of the same type. While not water tight it does have a slight seal.

A larger version of the box was available at £3.99, although I’m not sure of the size but I would guess at nearly 2Litres!

I love that the box is see through and will allow me to see all the great foods I will have packed!

Check your local TK Maxx and see if they have a collection of these awesome boxes 🙂