Season’s Eatings Bento Hop

Today me and my awesome bento pals are having one of our fantastic hops again! This time it’s a great festive edition!!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not you’ll get lots of festive joy if you check out all of our lunches!!

Here is my festive lunch in my awesome new Monbento (review coming soon) :


It contains:
• Chicken teriyaki stir fry
• Cabbage, cucumber and beetroot salad
• Cherry tomatoes and
• A cucumber Christmas tree with beetroot “Xmas” decorations.

Now check out What’s for lunch at our house and all of the other awesome lunches by clicking the adorable button below!!


Merry Bento Christmas!


I received so many bento gifts this year! 🙂

Here are all the bento/ foody items I received :


My friends and partner are so thoughtful!

I also received 4 kokeshi dolls, some tabi socks and a kimono so it was a very japanese inspired Christmas, just how I like it!

Did you get any bento items for Christmas?

Christmas Daruma Bento

Today I realised how long it’s been since I made a bento so I thought I’d better set to and make one.

I have been watching a channel called NHK world a lot recently and I remember watching one about daruma which are little japanese dolls.

I really wanted to make a bento with a daruma in it and so I merged a daruma with Santa, this is the result:


A Santa daruma with mixed vegetables and tamagoyaki “presents”.

Yay for Xmas!!!

Black+Blum Review and First Christmas Bento

So today I finally got round to making a bento in my Black+Blum Bento Box and here it is:


It is my first Christmas bento and it is made up of rice with a cheese and ham shooting star, mixed vegetables and minced beef with onions in a Christmas tree divider.



Having used both the Bento Box and the Box Appetit I will be using this review to highlight both items.


The Bento Box is £13.95 and the Box Appetit is £15.95, I think for how well these are made along with all the unique features that is a small price to pay! Especially when compared with other boxes that can cost more for less.


The Bento Box is 500 ml making it a great size for both children and adults. The Box Appetit is 880ml making it a great size for adults with larger appetites as well as being great for picnics by filling with multiple small dishes.


Both boxes are extremely stylised and it really makes them stand out from the crowd. With their smooth curves giving the box a futuristic look and the specially made plastic a dream to touch these boxes are more gadget than just a lunch box.

Both boxes are available in black or white with a different, subtle coloured seal on the beautiful see-through lid available.

Each comes with its own fork / knife that attaches to the lid through a loop keeping everything neat and together and their own stylised sauce pots with a hinged lid meaning you won’t lose the lid. The Bento Box comes with a divider and the Box Appetit has a large lidded, removable compartment.

The lids on both items have a little recess that when laid on a table becomes a small sauce well for all your dipping needs.

Ease of Packing

Due to the shape of these boxes and the sauce pots / compartments make these lunch boxes extremely easy to pack. The Bento Box is great for a tightly packed, varied lunch and the Box Appetit is great for large helpings of pasta and other “chunky” dishes.


• Great value for money.
• Stand out from the crowd.
• Great sizes.
• Easy to wash and maintain.
• Spill-proof and watertight.
• Unique selling points : fork holder, lidded sauce containers, recess in lid.
• Easy to pack.

• While being sleek, a few more colour choices couldn’t hurt. ( I personally love the colours but I know some people want cuter boxes.

Don’t forget about the bento magazine!

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Early Christmas bento shopping!


It may be a little early in the year for a Christmas post as we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet!!

But never mind, today while shopping I found these really cute Christmas bun cases, you get 18 for £3.99.

By now you should know bun cases translate as bento divider cups in my language 🙂

Another good month for Oh!Bento


After reading up on blogging one site said its good to set a monthly goal as to how many views you want etc.

So I set the goal of 1000 views a month, I achieved this target in my first month of August, and Thankfully to all of my great readers I have nearly achieved this goal this month, and it’s not even near the end!

So I have decided, if I continue to hit this goal every month up until December, I will have a Christmas bento giveaway!

To my readers, please continue reading and I hope you enjoy my posts to come,
And please invite your friends and family to view my blog too 🙂


Birthday bento boxes!


So here are some great bento boxes I was given for my birthday from a colleague. I was really surprised and grateful for them! They come in a range of sizes so are great for families or groups of friends and also great for people on diets with portion control. As they were a gift I’m not sure where to get them from but good luck hunting!