Oh!Bento’s New Year Top 5 rundowns!!


I cannot believe that a whole year has passed since I last did a New Years Top 5 rundown post!

But here it is again! The time for new beginnings, making plans and resolutions.

So to start off I want to say a huge thank you to all of my followers, those who read my blog and my great big bento family.

Onto the rundowns!!

My Top 5 Favourite bento

1. Lumpy Space Princess


2. Vegetarian Bento20131230-234257.jpg

3. Fajita Bento

4. Winnie The Phantom Bento


5. Pink Bento20131231-000405.jpg

>My Top 5 Favourite lunchbox designs

1. Black+Blum Sandwich on board

2. Monbento Original

3. Easy Lunch Boxes

4. Rosti Mepal

5. Frozzypack

This post is a lot shorter than I thought it would be, mainly because I remembered I did a large rundown a few months back! Sooo if you want to check out the Top 5 tools, brands, stores & hints and tips click here.

Two big bento!

I had to make two “double” bento this week. By double I mean they had to contain my dinner and my tea. (Or lunch and dinner if you’re not northern)

They were both simple, but thanks to the awesome Philips Airfryer me and my partner received as a Christmas present, they were also extremely tasty!!

The first was packed in my CoolGear bento box my friend bought me for Christmas.


It contains:

• Plain and stripy bow pasta (I don’t know it’s real name ) mixed with Airfried vegetables and salad cream,

• “Takoyaki” ( plain batter with hotdog pieces cooked in a cakepop maker) with salad cream and brown sauce in mini bottles,

• Airfried mushrooms and

• Potato salad made with Airfried potatoes, boiled egg and the most delicious Airfried bacon.

Seriously, if you love bacon you need to try bacon from an airfryer. Imagine the crunchiest but unburnt bacon ever.

I had the “Takoyaki”, potato salad and mushrooms for dinner and the pasta for tea.

The second was packed in my Monbento Square. (Review coming soon!)


It contains:

• 3 better Takoyaki (I finished them in the airfryer so they were crisp!) with the mini bottles of brown sauce and salad cream,

• Lettuce, celery, cucumber and red cabbage tsukemono,

• Mixed Airfried vegetables (I left them in a little too long so they were a little dry),

• A spring roll and

• Cherry tomatoes.

That’s what I had for dinner. The second tier contained the following for my tea:

• golden vegetable rice,

• Airfried vegetables,

• tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) and

• an Airfried chicken steaklet.

It was delicious!

What would you pack?

Tom and Jerry Cookie Cutters

Although I try to eat healthy as much as possible sometimes it is much easier to eat fast food. I wish it wasn’t but sadly it is.

While I was out shopping I decided to grab a burger from McDonalds and that’s when I saw that the range of toys with the Happy Meals was Tom and Jerry. I’ve always loved Tom and Jerry.

Even better is that the toys are all food related and that’s when I saw these :


Tom and Jerry cookie (or bento) cutters!!

I never knew you could buy the toys separately to the happy meal but apparently you can. As I did.

I was also surprised that you get both cutters in one go, I thought you’d get one so that children would want both thus increasing their sales. Not that I’m complaining!

So even if you don’t like the food, you’ve got to love 2 new cutters for ££1!

Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 16 bento guide

While I am still very annoyed that I haven’t received the magazines I ordered for my friends nor had the call to arrange the refund, I am still buying the Disney Cakes and Sweets magazine as it would be silly to miss out on the great baking/ bento gear. (More about this below if you don’t know what I’m on about!)

We are up to issue 16 out of 60+, still a long time until I have them all!!

Issue 16 comes with two small, silicone moulds:


The moulds are two characters from The Jungle Book, Baloo and the baby elephant. I’m unsure of the elephants name so if you know it then why not leave a comment 🙂

How to use in a bento/ lunchbox

Much like the other small moulds this would be great for frozen yoghurt, frozen apple sauce or even melted (and cooled) cheese to decorate a cheese sandwich!


I would be extremely cautious when it comes to ordering from the Eaglemoss website and where possible I would only buy these magazines in store (as I have been doing).

I ordered a large amount of back copies for some friends in America who cannot get them any other way. I ordered them on the 22/11/13 and paid for next day delivery. Despite numerous calls and emails they haven’t arrived and nor have Eaglemoss made any attempt to fix this issue.

Birthday bento

Today is my birthday 🙂

Happy Birthday to me 🙂

For my birthday I was doing a 12 hour shift at work 😦

That meant I had to pack not just one bento but two 🙂

The first, I had for lunch, contained:


Bubble and squeak 🙂

The second, which I had for tea, contained:


Chicken teriyaki stir fry with added vegetables.

They were very plain looking but so so tasty!

Last weeks bento

I didn’t get a chance to post last weeks bento as I’ve been pretty busy, with Christmas and all.

There’s also some pretty big news I hope to share in the future!!

But I digress, here are the two bento I made last week. Well the two I bothered to photograph. None of the bento last week were particularly photogenic and most contained the exact same foods in.

So here is the first bento:


This lunch packed in a Black + Blum bento box features :

• Teriyaki chicken and noodle stir fry
• Cherry tomatoes and
• Beetroot, cabbage and cucumber salad with some salad cream for dressing.

It was so tasty! I am addicted to the teriyaki chicken stir fry which you can pick up from Iceland!

Bento No.2


(The lighting in this picture is horrible and I apologise!)

It contains:
• teriyaki chicken and noodle stir fry
• bubble and squeak (also from Iceland) and
• home made cucumber, beetroot and cabbage tsukemono

This time I was able to make my tsukemono in a real pickle press thanks to my friend over at Lunch with Eyeness