FunBites Giveaway

You may have seen a post a while back about a product called FunBites.
They’re a great little product that instantly cuts food into manageable chunks for children 🙂

Below is a giveaway for the FunBites and some other great items for an expecting mother or those with a newborn.


FunBites Giveaway!

Laptop Lunches Giveaway Result!

So my giveaway is over!!

The winning comment was * DRUMROLL*


Amy!! Congratulations Amy!!!

Unfortunately a lot of the entries didn’t follow the rules and thus weren’t counted.

I would just say if you’re entering giveaways in the future make sure to read the rules to make sure you don’t miss out!!!

Laptop Lunches Giveaway!!

UPDATE!!!! Giveaway now closed!!!


As previously mentioned in my Laptop Lunches Bento System review the lovely ladies at Laptop Lunches provided one of their wonderful products to be given away to one of my wonderful readers!!

To be given away is the wonderful bento box in black and avocado.


This giveaway is open worldwide and will be running until 12am GMT Monday the 23rd of September.

How to enter:

• You get one entry for leaving a comment with your favourite lunch item

• You get another entry for liking Oh!Bento on Facebook.

• You get one entry for following Oh!Bento on Twitter.

• You get one entry for sharing the giveaway on either Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your own blog. This is the only entry that can be earned once a day!


• Please leave a comment for each entry, and please post ENTRY at the beginning of the comment. Please also include the name of the account used to follow or the URL of the post including the giveaway.
Eg. ” ENTRY. I have followed on twitter my name is ANON”

• Please leave your email or a way to contact you in at least one of your entry comments.

• This giveaway will end on 23rd of September. The winner will have 2 days to reply after being notified. If no reply is received a new winner will be selected.

This giveaway is open worldwide so let all of your friends know!!!

I will be using to select the winner so the more entries made the better your chance of winning.

Share each day and you will have lots more entries and a higher chance of winning!

Oh!Bento goes to Turkey!


Yay!!! In six days I will be sat on the beautiful beach of Bitez in Turkey!

This does mean I will not be making any lunches anytime soon as I will be preparing for the holiday, but before you scoot off, there are some amazing guest posts lined up to go live while I’m away!

And so with a HUGE thank you to my bento friends who have contributed guest posts, I bid you farewell!!!

Unleash Your Crafty Geek!

Now I know this is a bento blog but I want to dedicate this post to a friend in need!

The one and only Sheri of Awesome Sauce & Asshettery is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help get her awesome Crafty Geekery tshirts in the hands and on the bodies of you wonderful folk!


So if like me you love crafts I suggest you click on over so you can check out just how cool these tshirts are!!

There are some great perks and I wholeheartedly hope the goal is reached and smashed, lets make this happen!!!!

Why do people hate bento so much?


I haven’t made a bento in a while but I’ve noticed a huge trend emerging on social networks and it is a trend that is unfortunate.

This trend is that people seem to have huge problems with bento.

I’ve seen many negative comments ranging from ” Who has time?!” to
“That’s not enough food!!”

I wonder why people have such a large problem with bento, is it because they feel guilty they can’t put the time in to make bento for their family, can they not wrap their head around people having hobbies other than sitting in front of the tv?

I personally cannot understand why people have a problem, surely if someone wants to make a great looking and healthy lunch for their family or themselves that’s upto them.

The one thing I do find fascinating is that the people whose comments in one way or another say ” Who has time?” find that spending time making a bento is wasted but spending time on the web commenting on stuff they don’t like is time well spent.

Have you come across any negative comments?
What is your experience?

DIY Bento Baran (Updated)


I bought some silicon coasters from eBay, I received four for £1.50 with free delivery. They come in multiple colours and I received pink, brown, lime green ( looks yellow to me) and a darker green.

Here is how they look when cut into baran 🙂



I have a habit of wanting something for a while, deciding I don’t want to pay the price/ like the style and then figure I’ll make it myself.

Some of you may remember I did a post about how to make your own bento picks. See, I could just buy a pack of picks but nope, I have to try my hand at making them 🙂

Anyway I had my eye on some Baran ( pieces of silicon used to separate food) but I didn’t want to pay £4+ for four small pieces. I figured that baran is generally made of silicon so in theory I could make my own out of some silicon baking sheets.

One large sheet cost £2.50 with delivery and here is what I’ve made so far:


I still have way over half the sheet left!

All you would need to make these yourself is some silicon baking sheets, sharp scissors, some optional paper punches and some creativity!

Let me know if you make some, I’d love to see them!!


I made some more baran 🙂

Some of it didn’t work out as I’d planers as I started to rush it, whoops!
But here it is: