Oh!Bento Tutorial Magazine?


While laid in bed thinking about my favourite hobby I came to the realisation that there may be a way to move my current obsession forward.

A magazine

I want to write a bento tutorial magazine in the same vein as the many ” how to knit” or ” how to bake cakes” magazines out there.

As bento box lunches are still pretty much unknown in the UK I think this could be a great way to introduce it into more people’s lives.

I would want the magazine to include many ” how to’s”, reviews, where to purchase bento goods etc and even free gifts with each issue to help build up people’s bento gear.

I’d love to hear people’s opinions on whether they think this could work, if they would be interested etc.

Also I am thinking the best way to get funding for this project may be crowdfunding, what do you think?


Pokemon character bento : Sewaddle!

I recently bought the new Pokemon game, Pokemon black 2 and while playing I got an idea I wanted to do for a kyaraben 🙂


This little fellow is Sewaddle 🙂
He’s made out of onigiri ( moulded rice ) filled with tuna mayo, he has a carrot mouth and feet, seaweed and tuna mayo eyes. He has a hood made from lettuce and next to him is a stash of tomato “berries”.

Here is a picture of the real Sewaddle


How to: easy soboro bento for less than 70p!


After making the soboro bento the other day I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to make a super easy and super cheap soboro bento.

I measured the ingredients and worked out how much that made the bento cost and the whole bento cost less than 70p! That’s with over estimating the prices too!

So if you want to make a really easy and cheap bento here is how:

What you will need
•1/2 cup of uncooked rice
•25g of minced beef
•1 egg
•100g of mixed vegetables
•1 Carrot
• Salt and tomato purée

The steps

• Measure your ingredients out.
• Wash your rice and cook as standard.
• Cut the carrot in half, cut one half into very small pieces and with the other use a peeler to make very thin discs. Put the cubes aside and then put the carrot slices in a freezer bag, sprinkle with salt, shake to coat and then put in the freezer.
• Cook your eggs so they’re scrambled and try to get the pieces as small as possible.
• Cook the mince so it is still moist but in small pieces, add a little tomato purée to taste.
• Cook your vegetables either by steaming of dry frying.
• Assemble the bento by almost filling one layer with rice then top with the mince, egg and carrot cubes. Fill the other tier with the pickled carrot slices in a cupcake divider and the mixed vegetables.

Ps. Even when trying to measure to minimise waste there were still leftovers. These measurements were for a 560ml two tiered bento

Rilakkuma egg mould

I placed an order about a week or so back for an amazingly cute Rilakkuma egg mould and it arrived today 🙂


This mould was met with the quote
” Haven’t you already got a bear?” from my partner, and true I do have a bear but Rilakkuma isn’t an ordinary bear! He’s an awesome bear!

This mould was about £1.50 with free delivery on eBay, everywhere else I’ve seen character egg moulds they are like £5 with £3 shipping! So quite a bargain!

Super cheap and easy bento!

Today I craved soboro ( the Japanese term for food that is crumbly, like scrambled egg or minced beef etc )

So I made a very quick and easy soboro bento 🙂


This bento was super quick to make, I simply threw the rice, peas and sweetcorn in my awesome tefal rice, and everything else, cooker.

While the rice and vegetables were cooking I cut the carrot and cucumber, put them in a freezer bag, sprinkled with some sea salt and some chilli flakes and then put in the fridge.

I then used my triple tamagoyaki pan to cook my oriental mixed vegetables, my scrambled egg soboro and my minced beef soboro all in one go, saving time and gas 🙂

Once everything was cooked I assembled it into the boxes and decorated with some ham and cheese stars.

This box was really filling and even with all of the different ingredients this box cost less than £1 to make!

Halloween Bento Hop!


It’s that time of year again, when the ghouls and ghosts come out to play!

It may be quite a few more days until Halloween but I like to think you have free range to do Halloween things anytime in October 🙂

So me and lots of other bento and food bloggers decided its time for another blog hop!

Here is my Halloween bento :

It’s inspired by the movies, Scream. It has a scream mask made of rice and nori seaweed, black and orange striped tamagoyaki ( rolled omelette ), a Jack o’lantern boiled egg, some broccoli and some pomegranate bug’s eggs 🙂

Now click on the spooky image below to head off to the creepy BentOnBetterLunches

Teddy bear picnic bento

Today I really wanted to make a teddy bear bento. I have no idea where it came from but I just had to make it!

So here is the finished product of my random, bear fuelled insanity:


It includes a teddy bear / kuma onigiri ( rice ball ) , sweetcorn and peas, ham and cheese rolls, a lovely pasta now tie and three little pasta bear friends 🙂

I hope you like!

Bento Picks Present


Today I received an amazing and really sweet parcel from the lovely and talent Cristi over at BentOnBetterLunches.

The parcel contained some great bento picks and there was a huge variety so I can’t wait to use them!

There included some lightsabers, a domo-kun, some sweets, a great bunch of Halloween picks and even some little naughty ones 😉

So a huge thanks to Cristi!

Pan Pita Sandwich Pocket Maker


Today another parcel arrived,
It was a Japanese Pan Pita, sandwich pocket maker.

These are great little tools for if your children dislike the crusts on their sandwiches, it also helps decrease the chance of the filling falling out in transit.

This item cost £4 with free delivery which seems a fair price to me.

I’ve yet to use it but once I do I will write a review so keep an eye out 🙂

New manly, modern bento box


This may be the first manly bento box I’ve bought for myself 🙂

It’s a lovely turquoise colour and the style of the box gives it a great clean, modern look which would look great coming out of a man’s smart bag at work.

This box is 560ml which a isn’t a lot for a fully grown man, but there is the same box available, in other colours, with a huge 900ml capacity!

Both size of boxes are about £8 from amazon with free deliver and take about 2 days to arrive!

Overall a great purchase and I can’t wait to use it!

Ps. This is the same style of box as my cousins with my cousins box being 900ml so if you’re not sure which size you’d prefer please check out this post 🙂

Bento party Friday 05/10/12

I have sadly been ill for a while but today I feel particularly pants, and that is reflected in my lunch for today 😦


It has homemade karaage, which was my first time making it and unfortunately the only soy sauce I had was the dark variant so that’s why the karaage ( fried chicken ) looks black.
It also has mixed stir fry vegetables, salted rice and instant cucumber pickles 🙂