Oh!Bento’s favourite posts of 2012!

As it’s the end of the year I thought I’d make a small list of my 5 favourite posts of 2012!!

This list is made up of some of my personal favourite bento’s and also my favourite “helpful” post.

I hope you enjoy and a very happy New Year everyone!


My kimono bento



How to make Pokéballs



My Halloween “Scream” bento



How to make a very cheap, extremely tasty bento!


And my ultimate favourite. No.5:

Game Of Thrones Bento


So there you have it!

Hopefully next year I will get some sparkly new equipment to be able to make my blog look better than ever 🙂

And again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!



Little Cousins New Bento and Free Gifts


My little cousin decided after seeing my bento he wanted to have a go at making his own. So we scoured the Internet in search of a box suitable for him.

Unlike me he isn’t into cute, girly boxes so it took a bit of time. We finally found a great, not so little box on amazon for an amazing £8!
The box is two tiered, 900 ml and a very sturdy box.
Even though it is bright yellow it still looks fairly masculine and modern.

As we bought the box through my amazon account the item was delivered to my address and took an amazing 2 days to come, made more amazing by the fact there was no delivery charge!

When the box arrived I thought it would be nice to give him a little help. So I rummaged through all of my bento equipment and anything I had multiples of I put into the box for him.

He came around to my flat this evening and was pleased to see his box had arrived, he was even more pleased when he opened the box and found it full of goodies he wasn’t expecting 🙂


New paperchase bento!


Today while out in Hull city centre I found this great little box in Paperchase which in Hull is inside House of Frasier.

It’s 600ml with a moveable and removable divider, it also has a little layer that fits on top which can hold a fork and spoon ( included ) and some chopsticks ( not included ).

The lid snaps shut and as far as I can tell is pretty water tight! The box cost £6.75 which when compared to some boxes is pretty good!!!


New Halloween bento picks


So with it being Halloween next month shops have started stocking in the usual Halloween fare, skulls to hang from the sealing etc.

And while browsing in a shop in Hull called Discout UK, we were originally looking for wallpaper paste and paint brushes, I found these little Halloween “cocktail sticks” but in my mind that read “bento picks”.

I haven’t been making bento for long so it will be my first Halloween bento this year and I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

New Tefal 8-in-1 rice cooker!!!


Since I saw this beast of a machine in Makro I knew I had to have one!

Here is the Tefal 8-in-1 rice cooker on their own site.

In Makro this machine was £39.99 excluding VAT, even so it came to about £47 which is a lot less than the £69.99 / £79.99 I’ve seen elsewhere.

I will be doing a review on this as soon as I’ve tested all of its features, which include:

• White rice
• Brown rice
• Quick rice
• Grains
• Slow cooking
• Oatmeal porridge
• Steaming
• Deserts and cakes

That’s right, a rice cooker than can also cook a great Victoria sponge!