Bloomin’ ‘eck it’s Black+Blum

Yesterday I received some amazing boxes! They were graciously sent from Black+Blum so that I may do a review.

From the few exchanges I can tell these are a great company, a company that truly care about their customers and their products.

So here are the boxes:

First is the Black+Blum bento


And now the Black+Blum box appetit


I know what you’re thinking, “No details?!”

Nope I’m leaving them for the review,
which will also be featured in my Oh!Bento Tutorial Magazine

New Tefal 8-in-1 rice cooker!!!


Since I saw this beast of a machine in Makro I knew I had to have one!

Here is the Tefal 8-in-1 rice cooker on their own site.

In Makro this machine was £39.99 excluding VAT, even so it came to about £47 which is a lot less than the £69.99 / £79.99 I’ve seen elsewhere.

I will be doing a review on this as soon as I’ve tested all of its features, which include:

• White rice
• Brown rice
• Quick rice
• Grains
• Slow cooking
• Oatmeal porridge
• Steaming
• Deserts and cakes

That’s right, a rice cooker than can also cook a great Victoria sponge!

5 for Friday 24/08/12


Sorry it’s late!
I forgot to upload my 5 for Friday bento yesterday 😦

But here it is!

It has three chicken kievs, white rice with my homemade furikake, sweetcorn and mixed peppers.

It also includes my handmade bento picks 🙂

5 for Friday! 17/08/12


So here is today’s 5 for Friday entry.

It seems like noone else from the bento family is doing this anymore 😦

But if you’d like to join in feel free!!!

So this bento was inspired by this video, such a genius idea if you cant find a bento box and also saves on space so great for handbags/ manbags.

This bento includes white, salted rice, scrambled egg soboro, mince beef soboro, carrot Sakura, and mixed peppers 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Finally..a see-through tumbler!


I have been looking for a see-through tumbler for a good few months. What started the search?
This genius video!! Everyone, myself included, thinks of bento as being a one portion meal in a box, but what if the box wasn’t a box? What if it was a tumbler?

The video shows how you can use a tumbler as a bento container for a soboro meal as well as one with burgers etc. It is genius and I must admit I’m a little jealous that I didn’t think of it!

Now any tumbler will do but I wanted a see-through one as I want to see people’s expressions when they notice the multiple different coloured layers and realise its not filled with drink.

This tumbler cost £3.99 from TKMaxx, although there was an identical one priced at £5.99, and I wasn’t intending on paying £2 more for the same thing.
It’s made by Aladdin,which makes me think it will last a bit longer, and holds 400ml.

So now my hunt has come to an end you can expect a bento pic of my soboro tumbler soon!