Valira Nomad Executive Review

I recently received a Valira Lunch Bag Nomad Satin Executive Maxi Hard Case in Black from Baytree Cookware to review.


Upon opening the packaging I was instantly impressed with the quality and look of the product!

This lunch set would be perfect for adults with office jobs or who have to have a smart appearance at work, sometimes a Hello Kitty bento bag just doesn’t go with a suit!

Anyway, onto the review!!!

Cost: 4/5

Somewhat more expensive than other bento boxes at £42.95, you have to remember this isn’t just a bento box but a full lunch set, also the Valira boxes are made of from a ceramic composite that allows the boxes to be used in the freezer, microwave and the oven!!

This makes them extremely sturdy, so much so if you wanted to park your car on them you could, as shown here.

While a luxury item I feel there is a market for it and I think the price reflects that market.

Size: 5/5

If there is something the Valira Nomad Executive lunch set has in spades it’s space.
This set came with a 750ml container and a 500ml container. Even when both boxes are placed inside the hard shell case there is enough room for a drink, some fruit and cutlery.
And of course the included napkin!

Ease Of Use: 5/5

An extremely easy set to use.
With a zip at either side of the case you don’t need to worry about which way it’s facing, you’ll still be able to get in.

The boxes are extremely easy to open and close, something not all watertight boxes can gloat about!

With an expandable handle this case can be carried in hand or simple expand the handle and it can be carried like any other over-the-shoulder bag.

Style: 5/5

With multiple colours available for both the case and the boxes you can mix and match to your liking.

This is one of the most “professional” looking bento sets I’ve seen on the market. ( I mean professional in that it wouldn’t look out of place being carried along with your briefcase while wearing a suit)

• Two large boxes with space for more.
• Space for fruit, snacks, etc.
• Net pockets for cutlery and included napkin. ( Cutlery not included )
• Hard case prevents damage.
• Extremely smart and professional looking.
• Expandable strap handle for multiple ways of carrying.
• Multiple colour options.
• Wipeable inside.

• May be cost prohibitive.

Also available are different size cases and boxes.


Here is a lunch I made using this set:


It contains rice, cauliflower cheese, mixed vegetables, spicy chicken strips, duck spring rolls, square eggs and cucumber tsukemono .

Here is the case with my lunch and a drink in with room to spare:


( Please ignore the condensation, I ate the lunch straight after I took the photo. But remember if you will be eating your lunch later you should let the food cool down before closing the lid)

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Vanilla Roll cake

After watching this video by Ochikeron I have been dying to make some roll cakes based on Baumkuchen.

You can click through here to watch the tutorial video.

Here are mine:


You may notice mine are smaller than Ochikeron’s and that’s because I don’t have a regular tamagoyaki pan but a pan split into three.

Using the same measurements I managed to get 6 smaller cakes ( one is big enough for one portion ) instead of one big large one.

I added a little butter cream in the middle and on top to make sure the cakes weren’t too dry.

I have to say they’re pretty dang tasty if a little sickly.

Built Expendable Lunch Bag Review

It’s great to have a selection of bento boxes, as there is nothing better than choice.
Another great thing to have a selection of is transport for your lunch.

How upset would you be if you spent all morning preparing a beautiful lunch and on your way to work the carrier bag split spilling your lunch all over the floor.

That’s where this great Built Expandable Lunch Bag , kindly provided by Wayfair, comes in.

This expandable bag allows you to carry your lunch in a safe and versatile way.
Walk to work? Clip it on your bag.
Cycle to work? Clip it to your bike.

Onto the review!

Cost: 4/5
While there are a few bento bags cheaper than this product’s £35.99 price tag, I believe the versatility of this bag makes it a great contender. There are a few bento bags on the market for around the same price that do not allow you the freedom this bag does.

Size: 5/5
I have seen many reviews stating this bag is too small to fit any type of lunch in. These people must’ve been trying to pack a feast!
Here is a list of some of the boxes I tried and managed to fit in this bag:
Rosti Mepal MIDI lunchbox
Aladdin eCycle
Easy Lunch Boxes (with a squeeze)
Sisteme Slimline Quaddie (with a squeeze)
Black+Blum Bento Box
•Most traditional 2 tier bento boxes

Ease Of Use: 5/5
It couldn’t be easier to use this bag, simple put in your lunch box, roll down the top and fasten the clip to form a handle. Easy.

Style: 4/5
With three different design options available this simple yet elegant looking bag would be well suited to most but
may not be quite colourful enough for small children.


•Unique roll top design folds down to create handle with buckle closure.
•Handle clips onto bags, backpacks, prams or bikes.
•Insulates food on the go.
•Fits multiple containers.
•Made from poly canvas and Eva.

•May be cost prohibitive.
•Could be more colour options.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Cute Ninja Bento Bag

Yesterday, after nearly two months, a bento bag I ordered from a seller on AliExpress arrived!

Here it is:

It was a LOT cheaper than elsewhere and the delivery was free!

However I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about AliExpress, so if you do want to buy something I’d test the water and make a small purchase first, you don’t want to spend a lot and then not receive your item!

Keep Calm and Carry Bento!

No bento today. Sorry!

But I did recreate a little bit of art.

Et voila,


I’m sure everyone has seen one form or another of the “Keep calm and carry on” posters that were originally printed during the Second World War to remind all is Brits to keep a stuff upper lip.

Here is my ideal poster, and now I really want this in my kitchen!!!

Quick and tasty manly bento

Today I had to be up early and I would be out for most of the day.
I had planned to make the bento last night but TV got in the way of that!!!
So this morning I woke, later than planned due to my alarm being silent, and went to making this bento:


In my man’s bento there is, egg fried curry noodles, cauliflower cheese, spicy chicken strips and mixed stir fry vegetables.

The egg fried noodles are now my favourite snack!!!!

All you do is cook your noodles ( I use instant ramen ) as the ingredients say, but don’t put in the flavour packet yet!
When the noodles are close to cooked drain.

Crack an egg into a cup and beat. Add the flavour packet to the eggs ( add any extra flavouring to the egg)

I use a non-stick pan so I don’t need any extra oil but if you want add a little cooking oil. Fry the noodles quickly and keep stirring. Pour the egg onto the noodles and keep stirring quickly.

Once the eggs are cooked the dish is complete!!