Bento party Friday 05/10/12

I have sadly been ill for a while but today I feel particularly pants, and that is reflected in my lunch for today 😦


It has homemade karaage, which was my first time making it and unfortunately the only soy sauce I had was the dark variant so that’s why the karaage ( fried chicken ) looks black.
It also has mixed stir fry vegetables, salted rice and instant cucumber pickles 🙂

Bento Party Friday : 28/09/12

It’s Friday so you know what that means! Bento Party Friday!

Here is my bento:


It contains: 3 spicy, mini onigiri, corn on the cob, a hot dog octopi, cherry tomatoes, mixed stir fry vegetables in soy sauce, tuna and carrot salad with ham and cheese stars for decoration. 🙂

I hope you enjoy!

Bento Party Friday : 21/09/12


As a lot of us in the #BentoFamily decided #5forfriday was a little tough we thought it would be better to have it renamed #BentoPartyFriday!

So here is my entry! It is using my amazing new onigiri box and consists of a half white, half blue chip spice onigiri,
mixed oriental vegetables, tempura prawns, two-tone tamagoyaki, hotdog octopi, cheese and ham rolls and instant cucumber pickles 🙂

5 for Friday 24/08/12


Sorry it’s late!
I forgot to upload my 5 for Friday bento yesterday 😦

But here it is!

It has three chicken kievs, white rice with my homemade furikake, sweetcorn and mixed peppers.

It also includes my handmade bento picks 🙂

5 for Friday! 17/08/12


So here is today’s 5 for Friday entry.

It seems like noone else from the bento family is doing this anymore 😦

But if you’d like to join in feel free!!!

So this bento was inspired by this video, such a genius idea if you cant find a bento box and also saves on space so great for handbags/ manbags.

This bento includes white, salted rice, scrambled egg soboro, mince beef soboro, carrot Sakura, and mixed peppers 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

My entry into the #5forfriday bento task!


As part of the #bentofamily on twitter as well as swapping pics of our bento achievements and recipes etc we sometimes like to give each other a challenge, thus #5forfriday was born!

The task: create a delicious and healthy bento with only 5 ingredients!

This may sound easy but it’s not, you never realise how many different elements make up a bento!

So mine consists of rice flavoured with chip spice ( we were allowed a spice without counting as an ingredient),
Tamagoyaki, sweetcorn, peppers and carrots cut into Sakura and ume shapes.

I hope you like it 🙂