Three easy bento

I realise I haven’t posted an actual “look here are my bento” post in a long time!

So here are three!

I still haven’t gotten into the swing of making a lunch each day for my new job. Honestly, I’m just too lazy! I’d much rather sit and relax than cook tomorrow’s lunch.. Sad but true!

But I digress, here are three bento that I made for work :


This lunch is packed in my Monbento Square and contains:

• Chicken Tikka Balti and rice
• Teriyaki chicken stir fry
• Mixed Airfried vegetables
• Celery and
• Corn on the cob.

I am loving the Chicken Balti and Teriyaki stir fry, they are from Iceland and are called “Meal in a bag
“. You put them in a frying pan for around 15 and they’re done! Full of wonderful vegetables and delicious chicken!

Moving on!


This lunch is packed in my Paperchase bento. (The link doesn’t go to the exact style as it is no longer available.)

And it contains:

• Egg noodles hidden beneath
• Tuna flakes mixed with pepper and topped with a frozen pyramid of salad cream
• Mashed boiled egg and
• Frozen peas and string beans.

I am so so in love with tuna and I would happily have tuna in most of my bento 🙂

Onto the last bento (and possible most boring)


Packed in a small green oval bento is:

• Stripy bow pasta in salad cream
Squared hard boiled egg
• Roasted sweet pepper
• Bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms and
• A Cherry tomato.

Not very visually appealing but it was sure tasty!!!

2 for 1 bento

Today you get not just one bento I’ve made but two!

That’s because I forget to post the pic of a bento I made last week!

Here is the bento I had for dinner today:


It was one the first hearty bento I’ve had in a while and everything was so tasty!!

It contained:

• Chinese styled rice (it was in a packet and I’m not sure what made it Chinese…)
• Handmade from scratch pork “Gyoza” (they looked nothing like gyoza but they tasted great!)
• Two pieces of corn on the cob
• Mixed vegetables
• Tiny apple pieces and
• Frozen yoghurt

I was sad the gyoza pretty much turned to mush but they tasted soo good. I think I’ll be trying to make them again.


And here is the bento I made last week:


It contains:
• Chicken noodle soup
• Pulled chicken marinated in chicken gravy and
• Halved boiled egg

It was pretty tasty! A different choice of box may have been a smart option!

Another pork bento

Today I managed to get up early.. By early I mean when my alarm went off…
The past few days I’ve been constantly pressing the snooze button!

But in usual fashion that is the way of the world, the one day I wake up early is also the day I end up leaving the house late!

Anyway here is the bento I made today!


This bento contains:
• Pork boiled in chicken stock
• Carrots
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Cherry tomato and
• Golden vegetable rice ( these instant rice packets are amazingly delicious and a lot easier to cook than regular rice!)

I figured as I’m trying to lose weight and I don’t get all that long for lunch I might as well start packing smaller lunches.

Bento diet – Day 8

Before I get started!!! My friend over at Eats Amazing has opened a UK based bento shop!!! Yay!! Go check her out!!!

Ok back to the diet!

Today sucked! I pretty much have up today!


I had some porridge with some golden syrup mixed in for sweetener. It was delicious and luckily none of the porridge decided to throw itself out of the bowl this time!


I was walking to my granddad’s which meant I didn’t have time to get much for dinner. I had a small doughnut if that counts?


This is where I completely gave up. I felt so drained from the walk to my granddad’s and I just felt so deflated that I buckled and I ended up getting a takeaway. I had some pizza, chips and some garlic bread. I know, shame on me!


I walk to my granddad’s at least once a week and he lives an hour away from me.
The pedometer app I use is meant to work in the background. And it does. Until it gets to around 700 then it stops. So when I got to my granddad’s and it said 700 steps I could’ve cried. Because I knew I wasn’t going to “hit my target” visually. Anyway it worked on the way back and as it came to 6899 that means I did 6199 on the way back so times that by two and I technically did 12398 there and back 🙂


Bento Diet – Day 7

It’s been a week already! Madness!!

Today wasn’t a great day. I wasn’t feeling to great but I had to go to town which meant I relied on junk for dinner 😦

I finally had some porridge, albeit a smaller portion as 2/3 of it spilled over 😥

For dinner I had a Chicken Mayo from McDonalds. I know, naughty!

For tea I had a yummy bento, you want pics? Sorry but this bento is for a halloween bento blog hop so you’ll have to come back on the 16th if you want to see it 🙂


Close but not close enough 😦

Ah well I have the huge walk to my granddad’s tomorrow so that should make up for today!

Bento Diet – Day 6

Today was a REALLY bad day for exercise and food. So I’m thinking Sundays are going to be my “relax” day!

I had honey waffle cereal for breakfast.


I had ham,cheese and leek pasta in my Black+Blum Thermo Pot.

For tea I had a great Sunday dinner prepared by my partner. We had chicken and bacon pie, lots of vegetables, mash, Yorkshire puddings and Hula Hoop potato hoops.
Oh and gravy of course.

I barely moved off of the couch today. Saving the pokemon world was much more important!!!


Bento Diet – Day 5

For breakfast I had honey waffle cereal, I keep meaning to have porridge but I forget to prepare it 😦

For dinner I had a small 1 person pizza. I didn’t take a picture as pizza is pretty much the same everywhere right?

For tea I had two prawn mayo sandwiches but as I was at the in law’s I didn’t take a picture as I don’t want them thinking I’m crazy… Well crazier!



I’ll admit, I’m surprised I hit my target, the app I use decided to freeze at around 3000 steps and just would continue counting until around an hour later. Mix that with lots of Pokemon playing time I really didn’t think I’d hit my goal!