Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 30 Lunchbox / Bento Guide

Issue 30 came with a silicone dalmatian mould which includes 4 dalmatian puppies and one bone.



How to use in lunch boxes / bento

Like the previous moulds it can be used with anything that can be poured and frozen, like frozen sauces or yoghurt. You can also pour melted cheese in and allow to set. How cool would a dinosaur themed bento be with little cheese bones!

What recipes are included:
• Beauty and the Beast cake part 3
• WALL-E’s coffee Battenberg
• Edna’s raspberry jelly bites
• Peter Pan’s hazelnut cream biscuits
• Sleeping Beauty’s ice-cream cake
• Piglet’s chocolate honeycomb nuggets
• 101 Dalmatians’ super spotty cake
• Preparing and using nuts
• Nut bakes


I would be extremely cautious when it comes to ordering from the Eaglemoss website and where possible I would only buy these magazines in store (as I have been doing).

I ordered a large amount of back copies for some friends in America who cannot get them any other way. I ordered them on the 22/11/13 and paid for next day delivery.

Eaglemoss have again made an attempt to fix the issue, one parcel arrived with some of the missing issues. After another exchange of messages I was told I would received the rest of the issues when they are back in stock.

A few days later another parcel arrived with a few more copies.

(That was months ago now)

So here I am still waiting, will they ever arrive?


Halloween Bento Hop

I can’t believe I haven’t made a halloween bento yet!!! But if there is one time I can’t resist making a bento for, it’s a BBF hop!!

Below is my Winnie the Phantom bento :


Winnie is made out of sliced cheese, chicken roll and nori.
He is laid on two small chicken roll sandwiches.
Next to him are baby tomatoes and a bat shaped egg thanks to the CuteZCute Palz.
Next to those is a cauliflower cheese “spooky white forest” and some mixed vegetables being guarded by some spooky carrot pumpkins!

Now you’ve seen mine, click the button below to go to
Lunch Fit For A Kid and don’t forget to keep clicking the buttons on each blog until you get back here! Or else!


Pokemon Bento!!

Today Pokemon X and Y are released worldwide! YAY!
Okay, due to Tesco being naughty and releasing it early, I’ve actually had it since midday yesterday 🙂

But to mark this awesome occasion me and some of my friends have joined to make a linky showing off our Pokemon bento 🙂

Click the link and enjoy!!!

Guest Post: Alfro Bento

Today’s guest posts is written by the lovely Shirley from Littlemissonigiri

This was one bento that I didn’t get to post earlier on my blog. With this special invitation to be the guest blogger for Oh!Bento, I thought it would be nice to share it here.

A fun and simple character bento. Do you know Alfro Ken? Quite an entertaining character with his alfro hairdo I must say.


Aside from this bento photo post, what I wanted to share with you is the fun way to create some cute side dishes for your bento.

Over here, I want to bring your attention to the cute meat patties with carrot cut outs. Here is a simple tutorial:

50g of minced meat (chicken or pork)
0.5 tbsp/6~8g silken tofu
1 tsp brown sugar
5 carrot slices
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp ketchup

1. In a small bowl, add silken tofu, brown sugar, soy sauce and ketchup to the minced meat. Mix well.
2. Using cutters, create cut outs of carrot slices.
3. Lay the carrot slices on a plate, spoon a portion of the minced meat mixture on top. Press it down to make a patty.
4. Heat 1 tsp of sesame oil in a non stick pan and grill the meat patties on both sides until brown and cooked through.


Guest Post by Bento Blogger, Shirley from http://littlemissonigiri.blogspot.sg . Also check out my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/bentosingapore

Wow! How cute is he! Maybe I can grow my hair like that?
And don’t those patties sound tasty!
Thank you Shirley!

Game Of Thrones Bento Hop

As I’m sure you all know, Game of Thrones season 3 starts tomorrow ( or today if you’re lucky and happen to live in America)

So to mark this momentous occasion me and my fellow bento making GoT fans have decided on a blog hop!

Here is my Game of Thrones inspired bento:


I thought I’d go for an abstract, chibi look 🙂

This bento contains:
•Lamprey pie ( Steak and Kidney pie).
•Dragon eggs ( hard boiled eggs soaked in tea) guarded by a baby dragon made from cheese and nori.
• The Greyjoy’s Kraken sigil made from cheese and nori.
• The Arryn’s Moon and Falcon sigil made from cheese, ham and nori.
• The Baratheon’s Stag Sigil made from cheese, nori and ham detail.
• The Tyrell’s Flower sigil carved from a radish.
•Cubes of rice and mixed vegetables on a bed of lettuce.

Now as it’s a hop we have all linked to each other so you can go around in an endless, amazing circle of epic Game of Thrones awesomeness 🙂

So click the great image below to sail across the narrow sea toward Karen at What’s In Our Lunch Bags and see what feast she has made!


And if you’re still hungry for more Game of Thrones grub here is my first GoT bento


My Geeky Valentine Bento Hop

Today me and some of my bento friends are having a “Geeky Valentine” Bento Hop. This means picking something nerdy and making it fit the valentine theme… Or something like that 🙂

So here is my bento :


Can you tell what it is?

That’s right, it’s a Kingdom Hearts bento 🙂
It contains, blue rice with nori Sora silhouette and the Kingdom Hearts symbols. Meatless mince with mixed vegetables and hard boiled egg.

Sadly my camera wasn’t working as I’d have liked so it didn’t pick up all the details but I promise it did look good in real life 🙂

Anyway now head over to Chaos And Confections by clicking the button below to see more Geeky Valentine goodness 🙂

Domo kun kyaraben bento

Here is a healthy kyaraben modelled on the NHK mascot Domo-kun,


It is made of rice cooked in water with a few gravy granules for the brown colour and flavour, mixed vegetables, egg, nori seaweed and crabsticks for detail.

The box was a great Christmas present from my bf and kindly delivered by Lise from The Veggie Bento blog 🙂