Hello Kitty Egg Mould


Today an item arrived in the post I almost forgot I’d ordered!

It’s a very cute Hello Kitty egg mould! It cost around £1.80 with free shipping from a seller in Hong Kong on eBay.

It actually arrived 4 days early and I can’t wait to try it out!!

Bento tip #1

Ever had a bento and thought ” This could do with some thick sauce”? Not that you would use the word thick in that sentence but I meant it to cover sauces including, but not restricted to, • tomato ketchup •BBQ sauce • brown sauce That’s all well and good but when you have tiny, cute little sauce bottles shaped like bears and pandas it’s near impossible to get thick sauces in and out of said cutesy bottles. Never again! All you need to do is mix a tiny bit of water with the sauce and et voila you can now use it!!

Today’s Tempura and Onigiri bento


Today I decided I really wanted some tempura prawns in a bento, I did cheat by using premade ones but they were delicious all the same.

So in this bento I had three, rather large ( too large to fit the lid on properly), tempura prawns, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, and two tuna mayo onigiri, one coated in chip spice ( which if you can get your hands on I recommend highly!!!!) and a little bottle of BBQ sauce 🙂

Another award nomination. 27/08/12


I can’t believe I have another award nomination?! That’s my third in less than a month, clearly people are a lot nicer than I though haha.

So Thankyou to Clouds N Cups fimo paradise (http://cncfimoparadise.wordpress.com/) for this nomination!

The rules of this award :

1. Thank the nominator : ⭕
2. List 7 facts about yourself:
• I currently have white-blonde and neon yellow hair.
• I have 7 piercings.
• I have 2 tattoos
• I live in a two story flat with my partner of nearly 2 years.
•I love making kimono from scratch.
• I am currently reading memoirs of a geisha after watching the movie 5 times in the last few weeks.
• I love watching world films ( not just Japanese)

3. Nominate the blogs you enjoy reading, link them and let them know that they have been nominated:

Below please find my nomination :

Veggiebentolove– A great blog with great, vegetarian bento boxes and some of the most amazing looking cupcakes!

*Cheratomo – A great blog that splits each post to cover three topics, somthing for everyone!

Mangoshenanigans – If you like stunningly photographed flowers and food this blog is for you!

Bento Box– A great blog with some bento that would be great fun to replicate!

Androidinthekitchen – A blog with delicious recipes that would make any meal time special.

Rabbitcancook– A blog full of tasty looking food and it gives the recipes too! Bonus!

Oh!Bento has reached 1000 views!

So Oh!Bento has reached the 1000 target for this month!

I can’t believe that in its first month this blog has reached, as of this minute, 1003 views, received 2 award nominations from other great bloggers!

I have found some amazing blogs on here and to think that they too enjoy my blog is so surreal to me but I’m not going to complain!

Please, if there is anything you want to see in the future let me know 🙂

Nearly 1000 views this month!!

So my blog has been up for just shy of a month and it has just under a 1000 views!

I know that’s nowhere near as many as a lot of blogs but it’s made me very proud!

I did this as more of a hobby and wasn’t expect a lot of feedback but what I have had has been great, so I’d like to thank everyone who has viewed, liked or commented on this blog, it truly means a lot!

My target for this month is now to reach 1000 views so please, if you like this blog, spread the word to friends 🙂