Simple Pasta Salad Bento

As you know I’m currently on a training course which doesn’t leave me much time for bento making.

As I tend to leave everything till last minute, for no discernible reason, I made a quick 10/15 minute bento this morning. ( That time was to cook pasta and tamagoyaki.)


This lunch contains mayonnaise and chip spice pasta on a (hidden) bed of salad, two tamagoyaki and a cherry tomato.

( Did you notice Bentley just relaxing in the pic? )


Vanilla Roll cake

After watching this video by Ochikeron I have been dying to make some roll cakes based on Baumkuchen.

You can click through here to watch the tutorial video.

Here are mine:


You may notice mine are smaller than Ochikeron’s and that’s because I don’t have a regular tamagoyaki pan but a pan split into three.

Using the same measurements I managed to get 6 smaller cakes ( one is big enough for one portion ) instead of one big large one.

I added a little butter cream in the middle and on top to make sure the cakes weren’t too dry.

I have to say they’re pretty dang tasty if a little sickly.

Perfect Roll Sushi Maker Review

I have been putting off this review for a while, as the past few times I’ve made sushi rice in preparation it has gone horribly wrong. Imagine rice porridge covered in soggy nori. Not nice.

But anyway onto the review!!

The smart looking Perfect Roll made by Leifheit and available from Wayfair claims to make sushi easy, and in all fairness it does make the rolling part easy. If only it helped cut the sushi ( this always goes wrong for me!!!)

Cost: 3/5
The Perfect Roll costs £15.99 £10.90 on sale at Wayfair, which if you make sushi quite often then it is worth it, however if you don’t make sushi that often it may be quite a splurge.

Ease Of Use: 5/5
This product is extremely easy to use, it comes with an included recipe book which has some great ideas as well as the best way to make sushi. It also comes with a “stencil” to help cut the nori to size.
All you need to do is cut the nori, fill the gadget with the nori, rice and fillings, clip one end of the “rolling sheet” over the sushi-to-be and pull the other end of the “rolling sheet” over and pull right. Done.

Style: 5/5
Available in 3 different colours this gadget looks very clean, professional and will look great in a multitude of kitchens.

• Makes sushi quickly and simply.
• Looks professional and clean.
• A great alternative to the bamboo mat.
• Included stencil and recipe book.
• Can also be use to make deserts (arctic roll) and other canapés.
• Makes sushi the perfect size for bento.

• Doesn’t cut the sushi ( this isn’t a realistic con, I’m just bitter I can’t cut sushi)

I cannot cook sushi rice to save my life, nor can I cut sushi ( maybe it’s my knives ) so the poor look of the sushi is not a reflection of this product.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.


Here is a bento featuring the sushi I mangled made.


This bento contains tuna,sweetcorn and cucumber sushi, two tone tamagoyaki ( rolled omelette ), two duck spring rolls and mixed vegetables all in my Black+Blum Bento.

Another simple bento

Here is today’s bento


It is a very simple bento, it took me about forty minutes to cook and put together.

The top layer contains; two-tone spicy tamagoyaki, hot dog octopi, okra, mixed oriental vegetables and shrimp tempura.

The second layer contains; spicy rice, instant cucumber pickles and a grated carrot star 🙂

Tamagoyaki Triple Pan Review


This pan cost £25.85 which for a pan of this calibre is pretty reasonable. The pan is split into three sections.

It feels a lot sturdier than most pans in my kitchen and I know a lot of “non-stick” pans lose the coating after a while but the non-stick coating on this pan seems like it will be there for a long time!

It is heavy bottomed and I’m not sure sure of the significance but the bottom has ridges, presumably to absorb heat quicker.

I decided to test the pan by making what it is intended for, Tamagoyaki.
Tamagoyaki is a rolled Japanese omelette.

Making the omelette in this pan was a lot easier than in a normal frying pan!
The middle strip is where the tamagoyaki is made. Due to the non-stick, the egg simply slid off of the pan when rolling. I did use a tiny bit of oil but I imagine it would work just as well without!

The pan is also great for fry ups as the egg, sausages and mushrooms etc can all be fried in the one pan all at one time!

The pan cleans like a dream! There was no need for scrubbing as there wasn’t any residue left over from any of the food!

I can literally not fault this pan at all!

You can buy this pan here

Half Hello Kitty Kyaraben, Half Traditional Bento


Here is today’s bento. It was meant be Hello Kitty but she looks more like a mouse 😦

The bottom layer is Miss Kitty with a lovely cloudy blue sky made of rice, egg whites and ham.

The top layer is more traditional and is filled with two-tone tamagoyaki, mixed oriental vegetables and instant cucumber and lettuce pickle 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

New Tamagoyaki Triple Pan!


I made an order on Casabento for a Tamagoyaki Triple Pan.

It came today and it looks soo good! I know it will make making tamagoyaki a lot easier and if I fancy a fry up I can do it all in one pan!!

Expect a lot more tamagoyaki in my bento from today!

I will be posting a review about this piece of kit as soon as I’ve used it 🙂