Soup Bento

To illustrate how easy it is to pack an easy, healthy meal I wanted to show you potentially the easiest lunch ever.


This lunch is packed in the awesome, versatile Black+Blum Lunch Pot .

It contains chicken and sweet corn soup in the larger container with bread and chilli croutons in the smaller container.
Obviously if you like more soup you could fill both containers with soup, if you like less soup you could fill the smaller container.

While this lunch was made with store bought products it would be healthier and cheaper to make your own, this is an illustration of just how easy packing lunch can be.

And at around £1.15 for the soup, croutons and bread in this box it can be cheap too! (Cheaper if you use those last bits of vegetables that would go bad in the next few days to make your own soup!)


Easiest Bento Ever!

Today I woke up late, combined with the fact I haven’t done any food shopping in a while meant I had to make something simple and quick for today’s lunch.

And thus the easiest bento ever was born!


It contains chip spice-mayo pasta with mixed vegetables and “rabbit” apples.

So all I had to do was boil some pasta, throw some mixed vegetables in at the last few minutes. Drain and mix in some mayonnaise and chip spice. Done!

I added some rabbit apples to try and make it look a little fancier but to make it even easier you could just put in regular sliced apple 🙂

Simple Pasta Bento

Sadly nothing special, just the past few lunches in a different guise 🙂

It contains mayo-chip spice pasta, mixed salad, boiled egg, carrot and broccoli with cucumber tsukemono with beetroot.

Hopefully I’ll have something a little jazzier for you to feast your eyes upon 🙂

Simple Pasta Salad Bento

As you know I’m currently on a training course which doesn’t leave me much time for bento making.

As I tend to leave everything till last minute, for no discernible reason, I made a quick 10/15 minute bento this morning. ( That time was to cook pasta and tamagoyaki.)


This lunch contains mayonnaise and chip spice pasta on a (hidden) bed of salad, two tamagoyaki and a cherry tomato.

( Did you notice Bentley just relaxing in the pic? )

New Mascot Reveal and simple bento

Firstly, some of you may have heard, Oh!Bento has a new mascot!!!

His name is Bentley and here he is!


Isn’t he adorable!!! My partner designed him, he’s an Onigiri with my hair 😀

No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of Bentley on this blog 🙂

In other news, I recently started a training course so I don’t have a lot of extra time for my bento. But I did make one for lunch tomorrow. And here it is:


The lunch contained curried chicken and beansprout noodles, cherry tomatoes, mixed salad, broccoli and carrot.

Very quick, not extremely attractive but I’m sure it’ll taste delicious!

Adult bento – pink stir fry

Another meal in an Easy Lunchbox 🙂


This meal was delicious and filling!
It contained a stir fry made up of :
• Chicken cubes
• Beansprouts
• Carrots
• Mushrooms
• Celery
• Red peppers
• Rice dyed with beetroot juice
• Chip spice and tomato purée

The meal also had a small side salad of lettuce and beetroot, with the smaller compartment housing some very tasty cherry tomatoes.



I am currently playing around with an idea to start a “travelling bento”.

The premise is I would send a bento box to someone, they would make a lunch in the bento box and take some pictures to blog. They would then send the box on to the next person etc.

So what do you think?

If you are a UK bento fan or you know some UK bento fans please let them know 🙂

Adult bolognese bento

I am currently trying to lose a little weight so I figured a good way would be to use bento boxes for my tea ( or dinner depending on where you’re from ) to help manage portion size.

Tonight I made pasta bolognese with mushrooms, grated cheese and garlic bread. ( I know garlic bread isn’t exactly diet material but what bolognese dish is complete without it?!)

And here it is in my EasyLunchbox .

I love EasyLunchboxes for their versatility. They’re great for children and adults!