Teddy bear picnic bento

Today I really wanted to make a teddy bear bento. I have no idea where it came from but I just had to make it!

So here is the finished product of my random, bear fuelled insanity:


It includes a teddy bear / kuma onigiri ( rice ball ) , sweetcorn and peas, ham and cheese rolls, a lovely pasta now tie and three little pasta bear friends 🙂

I hope you like!


Bento Party Friday : 28/09/12

It’s Friday so you know what that means! Bento Party Friday!

Here is my bento:


It contains: 3 spicy, mini onigiri, corn on the cob, a hot dog octopi, cherry tomatoes, mixed stir fry vegetables in soy sauce, tuna and carrot salad with ham and cheese stars for decoration. 🙂

I hope you enjoy!

New AMAZING onigiri bento box!


I have been waiting for this box for 15 days!!!!
That may not sound like a long time to wait but if you’ve read my previous posts you will know how impatient I am!!

But it finally came and it is amazing!

It’s such a genius box, it is split into three sections giving you multiple ways to use this box. You can have:

• 1 onigiri in the top part with the two bottom compartments filled with side dishes.

• 2 onigiri with the bottom compartment being filled with a side dish.

• 3 onigiri and no side dishes or 3 side dishes and no onigiri.

Remove the middle black layer

• 1 onigiri in the top and a side dish in the bottom.

• 2 onigiri and no side dishes.

I love this box so much and can’t wait to use it!

The bottom layer is 150ml, the middle and lid are both 200ml for a total of 550ml.

I bough this from a company called Cool Bento Life through their eBay store.

( they don’t currently have anything on their eBay and this item isn’t shown on their site)


Today’s Tempura and Onigiri bento


Today I decided I really wanted some tempura prawns in a bento, I did cheat by using premade ones but they were delicious all the same.

So in this bento I had three, rather large ( too large to fit the lid on properly), tempura prawns, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, and two tuna mayo onigiri, one coated in chip spice ( which if you can get your hands on I recommend highly!!!!) and a little bottle of BBQ sauce 🙂

Gift from Casabento


If you read some of my previous posts you’ll know that casabento offered me a free gift with my next order.

And here it is!!

Finally I have an urara bento box!
I’ve wanted one for a while because I love the little rabbit detail. The box itself is a very different shape to how I imagined and it’s a lot bigger!

The top part is big enough for two very large onigiri and the bottom compartment ( with its own lid ) is 200ml. It didn’t come with its own band but now I get to make my own ^.^