Tamagoyaki Triple Pan Review


This pan cost £25.85 which for a pan of this calibre is pretty reasonable. The pan is split into three sections.

It feels a lot sturdier than most pans in my kitchen and I know a lot of “non-stick” pans lose the coating after a while but the non-stick coating on this pan seems like it will be there for a long time!

It is heavy bottomed and I’m not sure sure of the significance but the bottom has ridges, presumably to absorb heat quicker.

I decided to test the pan by making what it is intended for, Tamagoyaki.
Tamagoyaki is a rolled Japanese omelette.

Making the omelette in this pan was a lot easier than in a normal frying pan!
The middle strip is where the tamagoyaki is made. Due to the non-stick, the egg simply slid off of the pan when rolling. I did use a tiny bit of oil but I imagine it would work just as well without!

The pan is also great for fry ups as the egg, sausages and mushrooms etc can all be fried in the one pan all at one time!

The pan cleans like a dream! There was no need for scrubbing as there wasn’t any residue left over from any of the food!

I can literally not fault this pan at all!

You can buy this pan here



  1. Keeping nonstick out of the dishwasher will definitely prolong the life of the coating, but even then, if I get a year out of a nonstick pan, that’s a victory 😦 I must be the pan grim reaper (or my husband is, which is far more likely!). Quite jealy of the pan – it’s a fun idea, but I barely have room for all my kitchen goodies as it is. I’m trying to think up creative ways to add more storage right now as opposed to purging…

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