Game Of Thrones Bento Hop

As I’m sure you all know, Game of Thrones season 3 starts tomorrow ( or today if you’re lucky and happen to live in America)

So to mark this momentous occasion me and my fellow bento making GoT fans have decided on a blog hop!

Here is my Game of Thrones inspired bento:


I thought I’d go for an abstract, chibi look 🙂

This bento contains:
•Lamprey pie ( Steak and Kidney pie).
•Dragon eggs ( hard boiled eggs soaked in tea) guarded by a baby dragon made from cheese and nori.
• The Greyjoy’s Kraken sigil made from cheese and nori.
• The Arryn’s Moon and Falcon sigil made from cheese, ham and nori.
• The Baratheon’s Stag Sigil made from cheese, nori and ham detail.
• The Tyrell’s Flower sigil carved from a radish.
•Cubes of rice and mixed vegetables on a bed of lettuce.

Now as it’s a hop we have all linked to each other so you can go around in an endless, amazing circle of epic Game of Thrones awesomeness 🙂

So click the great image below to sail across the narrow sea toward Karen at What’s In Our Lunch Bags and see what feast she has made!


And if you’re still hungry for more Game of Thrones grub here is my first GoT bento




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