Japanese food bargains in Hull


If you’ve read some of my older posts you will know on a Sunday I often go to Walton Street market in Hull.

There is one “stall”, it’s not so much as a stall as it is a little shop under cover, that sells all kinds of snacks etc.

Recently they started selling 5 pots of demae ramen for £1 so I stock up on them each time.

Today when I went they had 5 packets of tofu for £1. Having never tried tofu I would much rather spend £1 than the £3+ in supermarkets if there is a chance I won’t like it.

So if you have the chance get to Walton Street market in Hull and find a bargain 🙂


Very random bento find!


A few weeks ago I went to a market that is held on Walton Street in Hull (UK) on a Wednesday and Sunday. I usually go just to buy lots of fruit and veg for a fraction of the cost supermarkets charge. But while walking around the boot sale part I spotted, much to my surprise, a two tier, pink strawberry bento box! The best bit? It was 50p!! I have previously bought the other two boxes from this set ( the skulls and the dinosaur box) and they were around £7 each, so to get the other box for 50p really made my day! It was missing a bento belt but that gave me an excuse to make some 🙂