Vegetarian bento, generosity and more bento swag

My wonderful friend Alexandra from Lunches With Eyeness sent me an amazing parcel.

It contained this great bento book full of truly stunning ideas!!


One of the lunches in the book inspired my bento for today,


It contains:
•Sliced omelette
Instant “tsukemono” pickles
•Sliced carrot
•Mixed salad
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Carrot and cucumber kabob with a bottle of chilli-mayo.

Also in the parcel were two beautiful craft pieces from Japan.

One was a beautiful, little kimono:


The next was a beautiful montage of miniature, paper dolls:


Both of these pieces are now on my wall 🙂

Also today two cutter sets arrived that I managed to get very cheap from eBay 🙂


Yay bento swag!


Oh!Bento’s Busy Day!

Ok so wow today has been nonstop! Hence posting so late!

First off this morning I had to prepare two bento. One for me and one for someone involved in the training course I’m currently on.

It was fun and I made the kitchen look like a warzone!

Here is my bento:


In my Black+Blum Box Appetit there is:
•Mayo-chip spice pasta
•Mixed salad
•Crispy chicken
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Hard boiled egg

It was soo filling and so tasty too!!

The bento I made for the other person ( no I won’t tell you their name 😉 ) contained all of above with the addition of apple rabbits.


Then the wonderful Sheri over at Awesome Sauce and Asshattery made a great post about my DIY bento picks ( You need to head over because she looks great in a yukata!! )

And then my guest post about how to start making your own bento went live over on SushiSushi!

And to top it all off I was up until 23:10 washing the pots and cleaning the kitchen 😦

But overall it was a great day and tomorrow I have to make lunch for me and two of the course tutors 🙂

Adventure Time – Lumpy Space Princess Bento

It may be a week later than I planned but my Adventure Time bento is finally completed!!!

My friend over at What’s in our lunch bags helped organise us and made the linky for us 🙂 so thank you Karen 🙂

So I figured if I’m making an Adventure Time bento it had to feature my favourite character, Lumpy Space Princess!

And here she is in all her globbing glory!


This lunch contains an egg sandwich, omelet Lumpy Space Princess (dyed with beetroot juice and decorated with sliced cheese and nori ), mixed salad, carrot coins, broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

Oh and some baked beans.

Yes beans.

Check out the other great Adventure Time lunches in the linky 🙂

May the 4th be with you – Star Wars Bento Hop

If you are a Star Wars fan you will know that May the 4th is a special day.
I’m sure there will be people everywhere screaming “May the 4th be with you!!!”
And if not maybe there should be!

As usual when there is a fun event or themed day me and my friends in the BBF celebrate by making some awesome food!

If you don’t know the rules of a hop by now all you need to do is click the hop button ( made by the awesome Cristi at Bento on better lunches ) and continue clicking until you return here 🙂

Here is my Star Wars bento:


It contains an “omelette’ yoda, a hard boiled egg R2-D2, cheese Twin suns of Tattoine and lots of mixed vegetables.

Now click on the awesome button below to see what is going on in a galaxy far far away at What’s in our lunchbags.

And once you’ve come back here click below to see the Return of the 5th bento hop!

Aladdin eCycle 4 piece Lunch Set with Recycled Tote Review

Another review for you, I was sent an Aladdin eCycle bento set to review from ReUseIt and its a great set!


This set ticks a lot of boxes, pardon the pun, it is made from recycled products, it is extremely versatile and it even looks quite snazzy!

Anyway onto the main review:

Cost: 4/5
at $24.95 (£16) it is a more expensive option but it also has reason to be. You get four boxes and a bag to carry them all in. While expensive compared to some other lunch boxes it may also prove to be better when compared.

Size: 5/5
The reason I give this set a 5/5 is because of it’s versatility. With a main box being around 550ml, a medium box being around 250ml and two smaller boxes being around 125ml you get 1050ml and a bag to carry it all in!

Ease Of Use: 5/5
With their being three different sizes it makes packing a breeze! Now you won’t have to try and squeeze your cherry tomatoes in with your salad, they can have their own box. And why not carry some nuts or seeds in the small boxes as a snack?

Style: 5/5
A greatly presented set in a very gender neutral way. Being charcoal means it would look great being used by men or women, and even children who want a more sophisticated look.

• Four boxes and a bag for one set price.
• Unisex.
• Extremely versatile.
• Leakproof.
• Easy to keep foods separate.

• Can be hard to open due to locks and seal.
• May be cost prohibitive.
• Only one style.

You can find this great item and many more by clicking the button below!


You can also check out ReUseIt by following them on their social networking sites:

And as usual, here is a lunch packed in this box:

I went for a Valentine’s theme. This bento contains a red, beetroot and rice heart, mixed vegetables, prawn tempura, meatless mince and a heart shaped boiled egg. With some cherry tomatoes brought along for the bento party 🙂

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Kidoo stainless steel bento review and vegetarian panda bento

I was sent a Kidoo Stainless Steel Box to review from No Plastics.

Here is the box:


It is a stainless steel box encased in a plastic box with a removable divider.

Now for the review:

Cost: 4/5
At $9.99 (£6.32) it is a good little box but depending on the person you may want a larger box and there are larger boxes available for around the same price.

Size: 2/5
This box is great for young children to hold snacks or a small lunch. But at 320ml it wouldn’t hold a large lunch for an adult. This box would however be great as an accompanying box to a main bento box.

Ease Of Use: 5/5
Due to its small size it is fairly easy to pack as there isn’t room to have empty spaces. The removable divider can also be moved between three set spaces.

Style: 3/5
A nice neutral colour but it does have a little ladybird logo and the word “Kidoo” on it which may not appeal to some adults.

•Neutral colour.
•Stainless steel makes cleaning a breeze.
•Great for young children or snacks for adults.
•Lid is easy to snap on and off.

• Removable divider may be a little too sharp to allow a young child to use the box unsupervised.
• Small size can be restrictive.


Here is a lunch I made in this Kidoo box:


The lunch contains meatless mine, mixed vegetables, a boiled egg and two adorable rice and seaweed pandas made with this awesome little tool which I received due to some amazing generosity from one of my blogger friends over at Bentoriffic, so go check her out and share the love 🙂

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Rilakkuma bento box review and simple vegetarian bento!

I was sent a great little product from Keep It Secret to review, a Rilakkuma bento box!

I received the Kiiroitori variation:

Isn’t he cute!

This box is a two tiered bento box and includes a pair of Rilakkuma chopsticks:


Now onto the review!

Cost: 5/5
At £9.99 this box is a bargain! It’s extremely hard to get an authentic Japanese box in England and if you do find one its usually £30+

Size: 5/5
This box is roughly 600ml which is a great size for a box regardless of age or gender. The bottom layer is around 200ml and the top layer is 400ml. This would allow children to have a very filling meal and maybe a snack, or an adult to have a bento without feeling hungry after it has been eaten.

Ease Of Use: 5/5
This shape and style of bento is extremely popular for a reason, because it works. There is no crafty corners to try and fill and with a little know how a varied and delicious meal can be packed quickly and efficiently.

Style: 2.5/5
The reason I have given this box half marks is because you will either love it or hate it. Chances are this box will only appeal to children or adults with a slight childish streak. It’s hard to imagine a 40 year old business man in a suit pulling this box out in front of his colleagues.

• Authentic Japanese bento.
• Very popular character.
• Cheap and easy to pack.
• Included chopsticks.
• Colourful and eye catching.

• Will only appeal to a certain market.
• So cute you will never want to use a plate again! ( ok so that’s not a real con but I had to say something right?)

And here is a very simple vegetarian bento packed in this box:


It contains rice with a bit of salad cream mix in ( it sounds horrible but try it and you’ll love it!), meatless mince, a cherry tomato and mixed vegetables.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.