Very tasty, very quick pasta bento

I haven’t made a bento in so so long!!

I had a quick scan of the fridge and managed to come up with this.


It contains:
• Spicy pasta.
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Corn-on-the-cob.
• Carrot and cucumber slices in chicken roll.

It was so simple, all I had to do was put the pasta on boil and stick the corn in the oven. While they were cooking I cut and rolled the carrot and cucumber in the chicken roll.

I then mixed in some chilli ketchup and chilli mayo into the pasta and packed in the box with my DIY baran.

Want to make your own baran? Here’s a tutorial.

New Mascot Reveal and simple bento

Firstly, some of you may have heard, Oh!Bento has a new mascot!!!

His name is Bentley and here he is!


Isn’t he adorable!!! My partner designed him, he’s an Onigiri with my hair 😀

No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of Bentley on this blog 🙂

In other news, I recently started a training course so I don’t have a lot of extra time for my bento. But I did make one for lunch tomorrow. And here it is:


The lunch contained curried chicken and beansprout noodles, cherry tomatoes, mixed salad, broccoli and carrot.

Very quick, not extremely attractive but I’m sure it’ll taste delicious!

Adult bento – pink stir fry

Another meal in an Easy Lunchbox 🙂


This meal was delicious and filling!
It contained a stir fry made up of :
• Chicken cubes
• Beansprouts
• Carrots
• Mushrooms
• Celery
• Red peppers
• Rice dyed with beetroot juice
• Chip spice and tomato purée

The meal also had a small side salad of lettuce and beetroot, with the smaller compartment housing some very tasty cherry tomatoes.



I am currently playing around with an idea to start a “travelling bento”.

The premise is I would send a bento box to someone, they would make a lunch in the bento box and take some pictures to blog. They would then send the box on to the next person etc.

So what do you think?

If you are a UK bento fan or you know some UK bento fans please let them know 🙂

Quick and tasty manly bento

Today I had to be up early and I would be out for most of the day.
I had planned to make the bento last night but TV got in the way of that!!!
So this morning I woke, later than planned due to my alarm being silent, and went to making this bento:


In my man’s bento there is, egg fried curry noodles, cauliflower cheese, spicy chicken strips and mixed stir fry vegetables.

The egg fried noodles are now my favourite snack!!!!

All you do is cook your noodles ( I use instant ramen ) as the ingredients say, but don’t put in the flavour packet yet!
When the noodles are close to cooked drain.

Crack an egg into a cup and beat. Add the flavour packet to the eggs ( add any extra flavouring to the egg)

I use a non-stick pan so I don’t need any extra oil but if you want add a little cooking oil. Fry the noodles quickly and keep stirring. Pour the egg onto the noodles and keep stirring quickly.

Once the eggs are cooked the dish is complete!!

Very Tasty Bento

It seems like so so long since I last made a bento.

I really need to get back on track with my bento making!!!

Anyway I finally managed to make one and it was delicious!!!!


It contains rice cooked in homemade chicken stock, mixed stir fry vegetables, fried mushrooms, snap-peas, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, duck spring rolls, hotdog “octopi” and beansprout tamagoyaki.

Definitely one of the more varied and tasty bento I have made.

What is your favourite foods to pack for lunch?

Black+Blum Thermo Pot Review and “Donburi” Bento Recipe

I was recently sent a Black+Blum Thermopot to review by Find Me A Gift.


This is a great item perfect for soup, stews or Donburi style lunches.

Cost: 3/5

At around £30 this lunch pot can be seen as quite expensive and if you want a truly versatile lunch box this, sadly may not be it. If however you eat a lot of soups, stews etc and want a lunch pot that will keep your food warm for upto 6 hours this is the lunch box for you!
While it is somewhat pricier than some lunch boxes this lunch pot makes up for it on style, nifty features and the ability to keep food warm. Something a sandwich box wouldn’t be able to do!

Size: 5/5
Although a somewhat smaller than some bento boxes at around 500ml, when you consider it will mainly contain soup etc that is more than enough!

Ease Of Use: 5/5

Due to the style of the Thermopot you don’t really need to do any forward planning regarding how you will arrange the food. If you want a pretty, decorated lunch box I’d look elsewhere. If you want warm, homemade stew this is perfect.

Style: 5/5
If there is one thing every Black+Blum item has more than enough of it is style. The sleek metal body combined with the charming cork lid makes this a quirky yet stylish item.
Add to it the beautifully shaped spoon ( never thought you’d hear a spoon called beautiful huh?) that attaches with magnets and you have a lunch pot that is sure to turn heads!

• Stylish and sleek.
• Keeps food warm for upto 6 hours.
• Hard wearing and leakproof.

• The price may be inhibitive to some people but you definitely get what you pay for!


As always I made a lunch in the Thermopot to test for ease of use.

I decided on a Donburi style lunch containing plain rice, vegetables, bacon, fried egg and a delicious sauce.

It is neigh impossible to take one photo to show of the lunch due to the deep nature of the lunchpot, so I will add them to the steps of the recipe.

What you will need:
• 240ml cooked rice.
• 120ml bacon.
• 160ml chopped vegetables.
• 1 small egg.
• Brown sauce.
• Oxo cube / Gravy granules.
• Water.

1. Prepare and cook rice.
2. While rice is cooking give the bacon a quick fry until cooked through but before crispy.
3. If using fresh vegetables cut into very small pieces. If using frozen chopped vegetables measure out and set aside.
4. Measure 100ml of boiled water, add an oxo cube or a tea spoon of gravy granules and 2 teaspoons of brown sauce. ( This sauce is extremely rich so you may want to add a smaller quantity of brown sauce and gravy granules/ oxo.)
5. Cut bacon into smaller pieces, add to a sauce pan, turn on high heat storing for a few seconds before adding vegetables. Stir for a minute or two before adding the sauce. Put on the pan lid, lower heat to low and leave to simmer until the sauce has reduced but not completely evaporated.
6. While the sauce is reducing fry an egg. While the egg is frying use a spatula to press the edges inward to make the egg small enough to fit into the container.

To assemble

1. Divide rice into three equal portions, place one portion into the container.

2. Divide the bacon mix into three portions. Layer one portion on top of the rice.

3. Continue layering so you have rice, bacon mix, rice etc. Once you have used up the rice and bacon mix place the egg on top.

4. If there is any sauce left in the pan drizzle on top of the egg.

I’d like to say sorry for the extremely poor images. Due to the shape of the lunchpot and the weird light ( and need for the flash in one photo) it was very difficult to get a nice image.

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

First post of 2013: Big Green bento

Hello everyone!

So 2013 is finally here and this is my first post, I wanted to make a special lunch to commemorate but I couldn’t come up with anything spare of the moment.


This bento has quorn “chicken” gravy bites ( my own weird little invention), mushroom rice, cucumber, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli all on a bed of shredded lettuce.

I couldn’t think of a way to make these ingredients cute but now I look it kind of looks like an abstract park or landscape 🙂