Adventure Time – Lumpy Space Princess Bento

It may be a week later than I planned but my Adventure Time bento is finally completed!!!

My friend over at What’s in our lunch bags helped organise us and made the linky for us 🙂 so thank you Karen 🙂

So I figured if I’m making an Adventure Time bento it had to feature my favourite character, Lumpy Space Princess!

And here she is in all her globbing glory!


This lunch contains an egg sandwich, omelet Lumpy Space Princess (dyed with beetroot juice and decorated with sliced cheese and nori ), mixed salad, carrot coins, broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

Oh and some baked beans.

Yes beans.

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My first bento boxes!



Here are the first bento boxes I ever bought.
I found these by accident as I didn’t even know anywhere in Hull sold bento boxes.

I was shopping down a road called Newland Avenue in Hull, UK, there was a bright pink shop, called Woods, (not a fitted shop, just a house) that was full of very random boho chic items. Candles, buttons, retro looking house and kitchen items.
And then I spotted these!
These boxes are two tiered and a great size! They were about £6 each which made them a bargain! They have served me well over the past few months!