Red Nose Day Anpanman Bento (UPDATED!)

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary for Red Nose Day!

A great charity event that gives money to children and families that live in poverty and helps communities build much needed amenities .

As some of you will know I have been making bento to help raise awareness of this great charity, and here is my latest,


So far I have managed to raise, with the help of some very generous, very amazing people, £35 which is a great amount! I still have £15 to raise to hit my target. I would love it if we can hit the target before midnight tonight!

If three people donate just £5 the target can be hit!

If you want to be one of those three and potentially change a child’s life, you can make a donation at the link below:

This bento contains a cheese sandwich with carrot, nori and ham detail to make Anpanman. Two duck spring rolls and mixed vegetables.
And thank you to Debby over at I Pack Lunch for the awesome box!



Thanks to Farstepper , a true modern day hero, my target of £50 has been reached!! Head over and share the love!



Red Nose Day, Final Push!

Here is a quick update on my Red Nose Day fundraising!


Thanks to my good friend Cristi over at Bent On Better Lunches, Farstepper from Twitter and Lucy D I now only need £15 to reach the fundraising target!

That means I only need three people to donate £5 which I think is very, very manageable!

So come on everyone, lets pool together and help make a change!!

Here is how your money can help :


Red Nose Day Bear Bento

I have been thinking about the best way to raise funds for Red Nose Day and i think the best way is to unveil a bento for each donation. I hope that enough people will want to see what I make that I can reach my target 🙂

As a donation has been made here is my first Red Nose Day bento:


This lunch contains:
🔴A bear made of rice cooked with a small amount of gravy granules, with a cherry tomato Red Nose and nori detail.
🔴Two Duck spring rolls.
🔴A cubed boiled egg.
🔴Baby carrots, string beans and cauliflower.
🔴 Carrot and cucumber “salad”.

I made this lunch to highlight the great charity of Red Nose Day, so if you can spare even a small amount please think about donating it to this great cause!

Donations can be made here >

Red Nose Day Bento Preparation !UPDATE!


It seems like forever since I’ve written a post, I’m sorry!

On Friday the 15th of March Red Nose Day 2013 goes live!

Red Nose Day is a great way to raise money for people living in poverty. If you’ve never heard of Red Nose Day or Comic Relief you can catch up on the history here.

To do my part in raising some money for people that truly need it I will be setting up a fundraising page as well as making some Red Nose Day bento.

I hope you will all be able to help me give something, even a small amount can purchase a mosquito net to save a child in Africa from the risk of malaria.

What would you like to see in the bento? Maybe a famous face with a red nose? Your favourite animal? Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments 🙂


Here is my page! Please donate what you can and I will start making my red nose bentos!

Red dwarf bento hop!

As you should all know, today sees the return of Red Dwarf!

And in honour of the start of the new series a few good bento blogs decided to do a little bento hop 🙂

So here is my bento entry for this hop:


It has the goldfish robot which Cat tries to eat, Rimmer and Lister, a big red “X” as it’s the tenth series and some little stars 🙂

Now click on the button below to see Cristi’s entry 🙂

Today’s Tempura and Onigiri bento


Today I decided I really wanted some tempura prawns in a bento, I did cheat by using premade ones but they were delicious all the same.

So in this bento I had three, rather large ( too large to fit the lid on properly), tempura prawns, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, and two tuna mayo onigiri, one coated in chip spice ( which if you can get your hands on I recommend highly!!!!) and a little bottle of BBQ sauce 🙂