Bento Picks Present


Today I received an amazing and really sweet parcel from the lovely and talent Cristi over at BentOnBetterLunches.

The parcel contained some great bento picks and there was a huge variety so I can’t wait to use them!

There included some lightsabers, a domo-kun, some sweets, a great bunch of Halloween picks and even some little naughty ones 😉

So a huge thanks to Cristi!


More bento bargain picks/ cupcake toppers


While out shopping I found these cute picks, you get 12 bright coloured, sturdy picks for 49p!

You get:
3 x hearts, 3 x crowns, 3 x “love” and 3 x butterflies.

This bargain was found at, an aptly named, Home Bargains.

New Halloween bento picks


So with it being Halloween next month shops have started stocking in the usual Halloween fare, skulls to hang from the sealing etc.

And while browsing in a shop in Hull called Discout UK, we were originally looking for wallpaper paste and paint brushes, I found these little Halloween “cocktail sticks” but in my mind that read “bento picks”.

I haven’t been making bento for long so it will be my first Halloween bento this year and I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

Handmade Bento picks for sale


I made these bento picks today and decided to see if people were interested in buying them.

They are pink and black wood effect ume blossom picks ( ume is a type of Japanese fruit often likened to plum).

I will be selling them in sets of 3, my main question, if people are interested, how much would you be willing to pay for them?

DIY bento picks/cupcake toppers and tutorial

Everybody likes food that looks good, and it’s even more important to make food look fun and exciting if you have a child who is picky with what they will eat. A great and simple way to dress up their food is with bento picks!

There are so many different styles of picks available ranging from Hello Kitty and Pokémon to special occasion picks like birthdays or Valentine’s, but want to make your child’s lunch even more special and unique? Make your own thrifty, bento picks!

All you need is some Jibbitz,buttons or other small charms, some cheap combs or food picks and a glue gun or food safe superglue!

Here is a quick video on how to make them yourself :
how to video

If you don’t want to watch the video here is a quick run down of the steps:

1. Collect as many Jibbitz or buttons as you want ( bright or character buttons are best!)


2. Collect some cheap food picks or combs.


3. If the picks have more than one prong cut them off, if using a comb cut off the teeth.


4. Use a glue gun or food safe glue to attach the pick to the Jibbit/ button.




5. Marvel at your unique and awesome bento picks!

And here are some of the bento picks I have made using buttons 🙂






If you make some I’d love to see them so please leave a comment linking to your picks 🙂

And a HUGE thank you to Mummy’s Marvellous Munches for the Jibbitz idea!