Kidoo stainless steel bento review and vegetarian panda bento

I was sent a Kidoo Stainless Steel Box to review from No Plastics.

Here is the box:


It is a stainless steel box encased in a plastic box with a removable divider.

Now for the review:

Cost: 4/5
At $9.99 (£6.32) it is a good little box but depending on the person you may want a larger box and there are larger boxes available for around the same price.

Size: 2/5
This box is great for young children to hold snacks or a small lunch. But at 320ml it wouldn’t hold a large lunch for an adult. This box would however be great as an accompanying box to a main bento box.

Ease Of Use: 5/5
Due to its small size it is fairly easy to pack as there isn’t room to have empty spaces. The removable divider can also be moved between three set spaces.

Style: 3/5
A nice neutral colour but it does have a little ladybird logo and the word “Kidoo” on it which may not appeal to some adults.

•Neutral colour.
•Stainless steel makes cleaning a breeze.
•Great for young children or snacks for adults.
•Lid is easy to snap on and off.

• Removable divider may be a little too sharp to allow a young child to use the box unsupervised.
• Small size can be restrictive.


Here is a lunch I made in this Kidoo box:


The lunch contains meatless mine, mixed vegetables, a boiled egg and two adorable rice and seaweed pandas made with this awesome little tool which I received due to some amazing generosity from one of my blogger friends over at Bentoriffic, so go check her out and share the love 🙂

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.


Today’s Tempura and Onigiri bento


Today I decided I really wanted some tempura prawns in a bento, I did cheat by using premade ones but they were delicious all the same.

So in this bento I had three, rather large ( too large to fit the lid on properly), tempura prawns, mixed peppers, sweetcorn, and two tuna mayo onigiri, one coated in chip spice ( which if you can get your hands on I recommend highly!!!!) and a little bottle of BBQ sauce 🙂

Huge bento picnic!!!


Today me, my partner, our friend and my younger cousin went for a day out to the park and I thought it would be a good (although very hard!) idea to make a bento lunch for all of us. It took me about 2 hours to make including preparing and putting together,
I kind of cheated by making all the bento with the same ingredients.

We had sweet chilli and mayo chicken with mixed vegetables, hot dog octopi,
Pea rice, hard boiled and shaped eggs.

For desert we had usagi ringo ( apple rabbits).

It was extremely hard but well worth it,
There is nothing more rewarding hearing that people enjoy the lunch you have prepared!

Onigiri bento


Here is the first bento I made using the great onigiri bento box I received from Bento&co. It is my first bento I have made in a while so its a simple one. It consists of two onigiri ( both with tuna mayo in the middle) and one coated in “chip spice” ( I have only found this spice in Hull, UK). Mixed vegetables and a heart shaped boiled egg.
And a little bottle of BBQ sauce.