Today has been an amazing bento day!

So sadly I haven’t made a lunch today but I did receive some amazing parcels today!!

Up first is the amazing CuteZCute! I have been wanting one for so long! The lovely JeeJee from AllThingsForSale sent me one as a Christmas present, I literally cannot wait to use this!! ( I would be using it now but as it was for Christmas my partner took it off me and wrapped it 😦 )

Here it is in its beautiful packaging!


And here it is out of its packaging in all of it’s glory! I don’t know which face is my favourite, what’s yours?


Receiving the CuteZCute had set my day off to a great start! Then I had to go pick up a parcel, I was slightly concerned as I haven’t ordered anything that would have arrived in this day,

When I got to the post office to pick it up I was greeted by a huge box. My mind raced! I couldn’t even wait to get home to open the box, I went straight outside, opened the box and little clouds of packaging ( I don’t know their name) flew off into the wind. I could only get a peek at what was inside but when I got home and opened the mysterious box my eyes lit up. This is what it contained:


So many great items on one day!! This parcel was the joint effort of Karen from Our Lunch Bags and Kelly from Easy Lunch Boxes.

So i want to give a huge thanks, not to just these, three lovely ladies but to all my friends in the BBF 🙂