Oh!Bento’s TV debut!!!

Today at 01:10, 07:10, 13:10 and 19:10 will mark my first (hopefully not my last!) time on worldwide tv!

I am part of a show called Bento: The Global Lunchbox Project. It is on NHK World which is Sky channel 507 and is available on the NHK app on android, apple etc.

So tune in and support the bento makers of the globe!!!


Domo kun kyaraben bento

Here is a healthy kyaraben modelled on the NHK mascot Domo-kun,


It is made of rice cooked in water with a few gravy granules for the brown colour and flavour, mixed vegetables, egg, nori seaweed and crabsticks for detail.

The box was a great Christmas present from my bf and kindly delivered by Lise from The Veggie Bento blog 🙂