Oh!Bento magazine market research


I’m sure some of you will have seen my previous post but if not I am currently wanting to write a bento tutorial magazine. I want the magazine to be full of how to’s, reviews, product spotlight etc.

So I’m hoping to hear back from the fans of bento to help me work out the best way to go forward with this project, if you’re willing to help with this market research please copy and fill out this small questionnaire and post in the comments and please let your friends and family know so that they can fill in the form too 🙂
Thankyou 🙂

• Name:

•Age ( you can round up or down):

• Sex:

• Country:

• what would you want to see in a bento magazine?:

• how many pages would you like to see in the magazine? :

• how much would you be willing to pay for the magazine?:

• do you have friends who like making healthy lunches?:

• do you have a bento or food blog?:

• do you think crowdfunding is a good way to raise money for this project?:


Japanese food bargains in Hull


If you’ve read some of my older posts you will know on a Sunday I often go to Walton Street market in Hull.

There is one “stall”, it’s not so much as a stall as it is a little shop under cover, that sells all kinds of snacks etc.

Recently they started selling 5 pots of demae ramen for £1 so I stock up on them each time.

Today when I went they had 5 packets of tofu for £1. Having never tried tofu I would much rather spend £1 than the £3+ in supermarkets if there is a chance I won’t like it.

So if you have the chance get to Walton Street market in Hull and find a bargain 🙂

Sushi set super cheap!


Today I went to Walton Street market again, and I found these great sushi kits!
They were £1 each (about $1.54) I bought them mainly for the bamboo mat, as everywhere I see them they’re like £5+, but either way I will end up using all of the stuff anyway. I’m now thinking I maybe should have bought more than one 😦

Very random bento find!


A few weeks ago I went to a market that is held on Walton Street in Hull (UK) on a Wednesday and Sunday. I usually go just to buy lots of fruit and veg for a fraction of the cost supermarkets charge. But while walking around the boot sale part I spotted, much to my surprise, a two tier, pink strawberry bento box! The best bit? It was 50p!! I have previously bought the other two boxes from this set ( the skulls and the dinosaur box) and they were around £7 each, so to get the other box for 50p really made my day! It was missing a bento belt but that gave me an excuse to make some 🙂