Oh!Bento’s TV debut!!!

Today at 01:10, 07:10, 13:10 and 19:10 will mark my first (hopefully not my last!) time on worldwide tv!

I am part of a show called Bento: The Global Lunchbox Project. It is on NHK World which is Sky channel 507 and is available on the NHK app on android, apple etc.

So tune in and support the bento makers of the globe!!!

Monbento Square Lunchbox Review

If you know me you will know I love trying out lunch boxes.

When I heard the Monbento Square would be available again I knew I had to have one!


Monbento were generous enough to provide a Monbento square for this review.

Cost: 4/5

At just under £24 for the Monbento Square you might be a little put off by the price. Don’t be, you get two large boxes and this is one of my favourite lunch boxes already!

Size: 5/5

With a total capacity of 1.7L this is perfect for people with hearty appetites or it can even be used for lots of little side dishes to be taken on a picnic or traveling. But another great feature is that you get two different sized bands so you can use the full 1.7L by using both boxes or if you only need one you have that option too!

Ease Of Use: 4/5

Very easy to pack due to a wonderful square shape. No funny shaped corners to try and pack. Although it may be a little deep for some forms of bento packing.

One of my only problems is that the lid can be a little tough to get off, but that has a silver lining, both boxes are airtight and watertight!

Style: 5/5

I adore Monbento’s style. Everything they design makes me love them a little bit more, I’m hoping to have everything one day!! Wish me luck!

Available in 4 colours, but Monbento are known for their customisation options. Will it come to the square? I don’t know but let’s hope so!

• Airtight / Watertight
• Large capacity that can be halved, very versatile
• Stylish
• Easy to use

• May be a little cost prohibitive
• Lid can be tough to get off

Overall an amazing box, but were you expecting anything less from Monbento?

Here are some lunches packed in the Square




I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Secret Santa!

Me and my bento buddies decided to do a secret Santa for Christmas. Sadly as I live in England and most of my bento pals live in the US, post takes a long time to arrive.

But today my parcel arrived!!! Ok, they tried to deliver it yesterday but I was at work so I went to pick it up today 🙂

I couldn’t even wait til I got home to open the large parcel!

My secret Santa was my good friend from Bento for kidlet and boy did she do a great job of making an amazing present!


Included were :

• A Hello Kitty canvas tote and throw set (the throw is ridiculously soft!!!)
• a Hello Kitty bento box
• four different bento cutter and baran sets
• two sets of bento picks
• a Hello Kitty notepad, pens and 3d stickers
• a sandwich cutter and
• an awesome monkey cutter.

My friend at Bento for kidlet knows how much I love Hello Kitty but she must also be a mind reader. I have wanted all of these bento goodies for so so long!!!


Bento Diet – Day 1

My friend over at I wish I had an adipose came up with a great idea of picking our own challenges to get back in shape and using each other as a support network.

My goal?
To walk at least 10000 steps a day ( maybe excluding Sunday, there’s nothing to do on a Sunday! ) and to use lunch boxes to control my portion size.

If it can’t fit in a bento box it can’t fit in me!

So to start the day I had an apple for breakfast ( I know, not a proper breakfast but I was on the move! )

Speaking of on the move :


I hit and surpassed the 10000 step goal in just over 2 hours, which left the full day to gain even more steps ( which I didn’t track ).

For dinner:

Mushroom and vegetable stir fry with noodles in my Sistema Salad to go

And for tea:


•Chicken Strips
•Water chestnut and bamboo shoot stir fry
•Basmati rice and
Sprinkle some goodness in my Happy Jackson “YAY” lunch box

So it was a pretty good first day, I turned down a bat biscuit AND McDonalds 🙂

Three bento Day

If you read my post yesterday you’ll know today I was planning on making three bento today.

One for myself and two for the training course tutors.

Here are the tutor’s bento:


They are based, quite heavily, on the bento from the cover of the Just Bento cookbook.

They contain:
• Chicken and pepper stir fry
• Egg fried rice
Instant tsukemono pickles
• Cherry tomatoes and
• Broccoli

I have the same lunch in my two tier bento:


The tutors seemed to really enjoy their lunches so that’s a bonus!

Oh!Bento’s Busy Day!

Ok so wow today has been nonstop! Hence posting so late!

First off this morning I had to prepare two bento. One for me and one for someone involved in the training course I’m currently on.

It was fun and I made the kitchen look like a warzone!

Here is my bento:


In my Black+Blum Box Appetit there is:
•Mayo-chip spice pasta
•Mixed salad
•Crispy chicken
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Hard boiled egg

It was soo filling and so tasty too!!

The bento I made for the other person ( no I won’t tell you their name 😉 ) contained all of above with the addition of apple rabbits.


Then the wonderful Sheri over at Awesome Sauce and Asshattery made a great post about my DIY bento picks ( You need to head over because she looks great in a yukata!! )

And then my guest post about how to start making your own bento went live over on SushiSushi!

And to top it all off I was up until 23:10 washing the pots and cleaning the kitchen 😦

But overall it was a great day and tomorrow I have to make lunch for me and two of the course tutors 🙂

New Mascot Reveal and simple bento

Firstly, some of you may have heard, Oh!Bento has a new mascot!!!

His name is Bentley and here he is!


Isn’t he adorable!!! My partner designed him, he’s an Onigiri with my hair 😀

No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of Bentley on this blog 🙂

In other news, I recently started a training course so I don’t have a lot of extra time for my bento. But I did make one for lunch tomorrow. And here it is:


The lunch contained curried chicken and beansprout noodles, cherry tomatoes, mixed salad, broccoli and carrot.

Very quick, not extremely attractive but I’m sure it’ll taste delicious!