£1 ASDA bento

Yesterday I was in ASDA when I spotted two lunch boxes.
They were a pound each and are extremely cute!!

There is I pig bento and a monkey ( I think ) bento.

I bought the monkey bento and here it is:


It is a monkey right? And here is the inside with included cutlery:


This box is great! I’m sure you’ll have seen the other animal head bento boxes online, they usually sell for around £18. So this is a huge saving at only £1, so much so I’m going to get the pig one too 🙂


New Old Traditional Rabbit Bento Box


I ordered this bento off eBay about 8 days ago, although it seemed sooo much longer!

It’s such a great little box, it’s slightly scratched and buffed in places but I think that adds to the character of the box. Plus it was made in, I think it said, the 70s so I don’t expect it to be gleaming. It did say in the description it was scratched so it’s not like I wasn’t warned 🙂

It’s a two tiered, black box with a traditional usagi (rabbit) and moon motif. In Japan there is a story that on the moon there lives a rabbit making mochi ( sweet rice cake), so rabbits and moons are often featured together in Japanese culture. Just like Sailor Moon, her name in Japanese is usagi tsukino, which translates as Rabbit child of the moon… I think.

The bottom layer is 250 ml and the too layer is 200ml so it’s a nice little box 🙂
And the seal feels pretty water tight!

A Game Of Thrones Bento


So after months of wanting to do A Game Of Thrones bento I finally did it!!!

I love the series soo much and now I have a kindle I’m going to get the books to read! ( I already have the books but I can never get comfy to read them, kindles truly are easier to read!)

So this bento features the Direwolf of the house Stark, the Kraken of the house Greyjoy and a dragon egg.

Hope you like it!

Little kuma bear pasta and other shapes


While shopping in TKMaxx I found some adorable little pasta shapes, there were three different types :
* space themed pasta with little aliens, spaceships and planets.
* animal themed pasta with lions, elephants etc.
* bear shaped pasta which is just bears in different colours.

I bought the bear ones because I want to make a bear themed bento.

The pasta was £1.29 for a 250g bag. I am going to but the other themed pasta soon 🙂

Simple Flower Bento


Here is the first bento in my hello kitty box It was also my first time using my new bamboo steamers and some of my new bento tools 🙂
It has spicy chicken bites, rice mixed with shredded radish.
Sweetcorn, mixed peppers, spring onion and carrot.
Decorated with a star shaped egg, Sakura and ume flower carrots, mushroom and cucumber. And a little bottle of brown sauce ( which was a hassle to put in the bottle and get out)