New AMAZING onigiri bento box!


I have been waiting for this box for 15 days!!!!
That may not sound like a long time to wait but if you’ve read my previous posts you will know how impatient I am!!

But it finally came and it is amazing!

It’s such a genius box, it is split into three sections giving you multiple ways to use this box. You can have:

• 1 onigiri in the top part with the two bottom compartments filled with side dishes.

• 2 onigiri with the bottom compartment being filled with a side dish.

• 3 onigiri and no side dishes or 3 side dishes and no onigiri.

Remove the middle black layer

• 1 onigiri in the top and a side dish in the bottom.

• 2 onigiri and no side dishes.

I love this box so much and can’t wait to use it!

The bottom layer is 150ml, the middle and lid are both 200ml for a total of 550ml.

I bough this from a company called Cool Bento Life through their eBay store.

( they don’t currently have anything on their eBay and this item isn’t shown on their site)


New Old Traditional Rabbit Bento Box


I ordered this bento off eBay about 8 days ago, although it seemed sooo much longer!

It’s such a great little box, it’s slightly scratched and buffed in places but I think that adds to the character of the box. Plus it was made in, I think it said, the 70s so I don’t expect it to be gleaming. It did say in the description it was scratched so it’s not like I wasn’t warned 🙂

It’s a two tiered, black box with a traditional usagi (rabbit) and moon motif. In Japan there is a story that on the moon there lives a rabbit making mochi ( sweet rice cake), so rabbits and moons are often featured together in Japanese culture. Just like Sailor Moon, her name in Japanese is usagi tsukino, which translates as Rabbit child of the moon… I think.

The bottom layer is 250 ml and the too layer is 200ml so it’s a nice little box 🙂
And the seal feels pretty water tight!

Casabento huge 25% sale!!


Casabento are having a HUGE back to school sale!

You can get a MASSIVE 25% off boxes and accessories!

So if you’ve been waiting to buy a bento box or some accessories now is the time

Ps. If you do decide to purchase please let Casabento know you got to their site through this blog. Thankyou

Homemade salmon furikake tutorial


Here it is!
My homemade, frugal furikake. I checked on eBay and the cheapest pot of furikake was about £5/£6 with delivery, this cost £2.56. I was slightly worried as I’m not a huge fan of salmon and recently I have gone off nori too but I have to admit this tastes pretty good!!

Now for the tutorial!!

What you need:
salmon ( I used smoked salmon trimmings, 90p from Tesco for 120g)
sesame seeds ( I used half a cup but I would suggest a slightly smaller amount)
Nori seaweed ( You only need half a sheet!)

What to do:
• Put the salmon in a nonstick pan and pour in half a cup of water, put on medium heat with the lid on until salmon is cooked and water has evaporated. ( you can use mirin etc for more flavour )
• Once cooked remove salmon from heat and begin flaking with forks/chopsticks/hands. Put the pan back onto the heat and cook until the flakes are as dry as you’d like, being careful not to burn. ( dryer flakes will keep longer ) Put salmon into a bowl or similar container.
• Wipe pan dry and pour in half a cup ( less may be better) of sesame seeds, cook on low heat until fragrant and slightly browned. Pour into container with salmon.
• Take half a sheet of nori and cut into 1 inch strips, lay all strips on top of each other and cut into very think strips, you can give a quick dry fry in the pan with some spices for more flavour.
• Now mix all ingredients in a bowl and store in an airtight container. Should keep for at least a week with dryer flakes keeping for longer sometimes upto two weeks.

I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you make a batch and maybe share a picture too!

Homemade furikake coming soon!!!

I have been hunting for furikake for a long time, but sadly have never found any. I could buy online but I don’t know how I feel about buying food products online. So today I decided ( while having a day out in Scarborough ) that I would make my own. When I arrived back in Hull I managed to find some salmon for 90p in Tesco, it was only a small amount but that is all I wanted. Along with some sesame seeds for 66p, also from Tesco.

I salted the salmon and put it in the fridge so that tomorrow I can get started on the making!!

I will upload a tutorial on how to make furikake too 🙂

Gift from Casabento


If you read some of my previous posts you’ll know that casabento offered me a free gift with my next order.

And here it is!!

Finally I have an urara bento box!
I’ve wanted one for a while because I love the little rabbit detail. The box itself is a very different shape to how I imagined and it’s a lot bigger!

The top part is big enough for two very large onigiri and the bottom compartment ( with its own lid ) is 200ml. It didn’t come with its own band but now I get to make my own ^.^

Edo drink


Nothing to do with bento but it is still Japanese. I’m sure if you’re a fan of Japanese culture you’ve heard of Ramune, a soft drink with a very unusual bottle. The bottle’s lid is not a screw top like British drinks but it is a marble held in the neck of the bottle stoping the drink from leaking out. To open you use a little “pusher” to pop the marble into the bottle with a satisfying *POP*.

I found this in my local Chinese market and while not Ramune it is, as far as I can tell, the same type of bottle but branded as EDO (it may be Ramune just rebranded for overseas markets). This was peach flavour and was 95p. It was amazing and the flavour was a lot stronger than I expected without being overpowering. The lemonade flavour is delicious too!