Disney Cakes and Sweets Issue 13 Bento Guide

I bought the 13th issue of Disney Cakes and Sweets but totally forgot to write the blog post! Sorry!!

It must be the whole “rushing trying to sort out Christmas gifts for everyone” thing that is slowly pushing everything else out of my brain.

Anyway here is the 13th issue in all of its glory!!


This issue came with an awesome Sully (from Monsters Inc/ Monsters University) which now means you can make a Sully and/or a Mike bento (providing you bought issue 5 ) by using the cutter on sliced cheeses and meats. Or maybe even use it to mould rice!

It also came with a double ended fondant moulding tool, not quite sure how this could be used in bento. If you have some ideas why not let me know by leaving a comment!


Guest Post : Carrot Butterfly

Today’s guest post is written by one of my BBF (Bento Bloggers and Friends) friends.

She’s a lovely lady called Grace and she’s also from the UK! Yay UK bento makers!!

Take it away Grace 🙂

Hi, I’m Grace from Eats Amazing, and I’m delighted to feature as a guest poster on the Oh! Bento Blog today! I’m going to share a tutorial for one of my favourite edible decorations in this post; a carrot butterfly, which can be used as a cute little embellishment for a bento, or any other food. Be warned, this isn’t quite as easy as it looks, and may take several attempts to get right; I’m happy to admit that the first one I made took me 5 attempts!

All you need for this is a decent sized carrot and a sharp knife.

Start by cleaning and peeling the carrot, then trim one side so that it is flat. Cut a triangular groove into the carrot opposite the flat side, as shown below.

Lay the flat side of the carrot on the chopping board, then cut into the carrot as if you are cutting a thin slice, but do not go all the way through.

Make another cut next to it to slice the whole thing off. You should be left with a double slice which is joined at the bottom.

Make two cuts all the way through your piece of carrot as shown below.

Cut a small triangle from the other side as shown.

Now comes the tricky part! Open out the butterfly ‘wings’ and bend up the the bottom of the antennae section until you can pop it between the wings. This should hold them open. This step is where it usually went wrong for me, so good luck!

If you aren’t going to use the butterfly straight away, put it gently into a glass of cold water and pop it in the fridge. This will keep it fresh and also help to stiffen it up a little. When using my butterfly, I mounted it on a piece of cucumber to hold it more securely. You can do this by cutting a slit into the cucumber and gently pushing the bottom of the butterfly into it

Here is the finished butterfly before it went into the lunchbox. You can use this in any way you can think of; it doesn’t have to be put in cucumber. You could also try using radish instead of carrot for the butterfly.


I’d love Keith to give this a go, so here’s a little challenge for you Keith; upon your return I want to see a bento featuring a carrot or radish butterfly!

Thanks for letting me take over the blog for the day, I’ve loved being here!


Well I’ve got to say I love a challenge!! I’ll make sure to practise when I get back!! Hope I don’t let you down!!

Did you know there is a valley in Turkey called Butterfly Valley!

Don’t forget to check out Grace’s amazing blog by clicking the button below!


DIY Nerdy Bento Baran + Tutorial

I bought some silicone keyboard covers a few weeks back for this project but completely forgot/ have been too busy to start the project.

So today I sat down and made some geeky baran, and I even made a tutorial video that I will include below 🙂

The silicone keyboard covers were about £1.50 each. I bought 1 black and 1 green.

After about ten minutes I had turned said keyboard covers into the coolest little baran! Et voila!


I can’t wait to use them in a bento! 🙂

Anyway here is the tutorial video:

(Sorry for my voice, I have a really sore throat >.< )

For more DIY Baran click here 🙂

* make sure any silicone you will be using with food is good safe!

DIY CuteZCute Dorayaki and Review

As some of you will know, tesco started selling Dorayaki. As it was a new product ( and not well known to most Brits) it started at a half price of 75p, but now it has gone up to £1.50 for one!!

I may be addicted to them but I refuse to pay that much for one.

So I decided to make my own, but I didn’t want the standard round Dorayaki. I wanted cute Dorayaki, and what better way to make things cute than with the CuteZCute bento cutter ( it’s so good at making things cute it even has the word twice in its name!!!).

Here are my Dorayaki ( check back tomorrow for the “recipe” )

Cute right?!

Here’s one in half to show the anko, apparently blending the anko makes it purple :/ .

Onto the review!


This is one of my favourite bento tools. What makes the CuteZCute a winner in my eyes is how easy it is to use! There is no need to get up hours earlier to plan, it takes only a minute or two to prepare the sandwich and cut it. The CuteZCute also negates the need for tweezers as there is no fiddly bits of nori to try and piece together.

If you want a tool that makes bento-ing easy and fast while still having choice, the set includes the panda, frog, cat and pig cutter which also act as stamps, I would highly recommend the CuteZCute.

Cost: 5/5

Available on Amazon for just under $10 ( just over £6) this has to be one of the best investments if you make bento, bake cookies or love making your children’s food fun.

For just over £6 you get one “shape” cutter, four face cutters and a tool to remote the cut outs. That’s a lot of bento goodies for little money!
( If you buy cake decorating tools you’ll know how cheap this. But by no means is it cheaply made!)

Size: 5/5

This set is perfectly sized for cookies, bento and anything else your imagination can come up with!
It will fit snugly in most places and comes in it’s own little box that can be used to keep it neat and tidy.

Ease Of Use: 5/5

All that I can say to this is ” Are cookie cutters hard to use?” If you can use cookie cutters you can use this! ( although the CuteZCute will provide substantially better cookies 😀 )

Style: 5/5

With four “face” cutters this cutter should be able to please most people. The cutter includes a pig, cat, frog and a panda face. But the possibilities don’t end there, I’ve seen people create all sorts including cute octopuses!

• Extremely affordable but not cheaply made.
• Four face cutters.
• Easy to use.
• Very versatile.

• Not really a con but it would be awesome if more face cutters could be made 🙂

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Pokemon bento, how to: radish Pokeballs

After viewing my pokemon bento a few people have asked how I made the Pokeballs. So I thought I’d make a little tutorial so everyone can have a go!

They’re really easy to make and taste great!

What you will need


• Radishes ( I usually only make 2 or 3 )
• Nori seaweed
• A sharp knife
• Scissors
• A little sauce ( tomato, brown, mayonnaise etc )

Step 1


Score a line around the centre of the radish to separate the top and bottom of the “pokeball”

Step 2


Start “scraping” the layer of red off of the bottom of the “pokeball”. Don’t cut the flesh off as it will change the shape. Scraping takes the red skin off to reveal the white while keeping a spherical shape.


Step 3


Cut out long, thin strips from the seaweed and some small circles slightly wider than the strips.

Step 4


Using a little sauce stick the nori strip onto the pokeball around the line you scored and then stick the circle onto the middle.

You now have some delicious little Pokeballs for your pokemon bento!

Oh!Bento Tutorial Magazine?


While laid in bed thinking about my favourite hobby I came to the realisation that there may be a way to move my current obsession forward.

A magazine

I want to write a bento tutorial magazine in the same vein as the many ” how to knit” or ” how to bake cakes” magazines out there.

As bento box lunches are still pretty much unknown in the UK I think this could be a great way to introduce it into more people’s lives.

I would want the magazine to include many ” how to’s”, reviews, where to purchase bento goods etc and even free gifts with each issue to help build up people’s bento gear.

I’d love to hear people’s opinions on whether they think this could work, if they would be interested etc.

Also I am thinking the best way to get funding for this project may be crowdfunding, what do you think?