Oh!Bento’s Busy Day!

Ok so wow today has been nonstop! Hence posting so late!

First off this morning I had to prepare two bento. One for me and one for someone involved in the training course I’m currently on.

It was fun and I made the kitchen look like a warzone!

Here is my bento:


In my Black+Blum Box Appetit there is:
•Mayo-chip spice pasta
•Mixed salad
•Crispy chicken
•Cherry tomatoes and
•Hard boiled egg

It was soo filling and so tasty too!!

The bento I made for the other person ( no I won’t tell you their name 😉 ) contained all of above with the addition of apple rabbits.


Then the wonderful Sheri over at Awesome Sauce and Asshattery made a great post about my DIY bento picks ( You need to head over because she looks great in a yukata!! )

And then my guest post about how to start making your own bento went live over on SushiSushi!

And to top it all off I was up until 23:10 washing the pots and cleaning the kitchen 😦

But overall it was a great day and tomorrow I have to make lunch for me and two of the course tutors 🙂


Alessi Secret Fish Bento Review

Another chapter in the Wayfair saga!

I was graciously sent an Alessi Secret Fish to review, and while not marketed as a bento box that doesn’t mean it can’t be one 🙂


Onto the review

Cost: 3/5

At £42 for 2 boxes that puts each box at £21. In comparison to other boxes this is quite expensive, I do however believe these boxes are a bento equivalent to your “best china”.

If you’re making a very, very special bento these Alessi Secret Fish could be the box for that!

Size: 3/5

At around 250ml per box they may feel quite small but if you’re using both that’s 500ml which is perfect for smaller appetites!

Ease Of Use: 3/5

It is such a shame I can’t give this a higher mark, it’s distinctive shape was what attracted me to this box but sadly after trial and error it’s shape is what makes it hard to pack.
( This may only apply to me, if you have some ideas feel free to throw them my way and I’ll see what I can do! )

With small spaces in the tail region it may be difficult to get food in or out, especially for younger children.

Style: 5/5

With 3 colour variations and an amazing stylised fish shaped body the Alessi Secret Fish boxes have lots of style. These boxes are sure to get “Wows” and “Ooohs” galore!

I will say however the colours in the photos are extremely bright when in reality the colours are slightly darker, but beautiful all the same with a great speckled detail.

• Beautiful shape and colours.
• Great for smaller appetites.
• Perfect for special occasions.

• Quite heavy.
• Possibly cost prohibitive.

Overall the Alessi Secret Fish are extremely special items and as such I feel they are not necessarily suitable for everyday use but would be perfect for when a Tupperware box just won’t do!

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.


As always here is a lunch packed in the box :


This bento contains hard boiled egg mixed into rice with carrot and cucumber details, does it look like a fish?