Halloween Bento Hop

I can’t believe I haven’t made a halloween bento yet!!! But if there is one time I can’t resist making a bento for, it’s a BBF hop!!

Below is my Winnie the Phantom bento :


Winnie is made out of sliced cheese, chicken roll and nori.
He is laid on two small chicken roll sandwiches.
Next to him are baby tomatoes and a bat shaped egg thanks to the CuteZCute Palz.
Next to those is a cauliflower cheese “spooky white forest” and some mixed vegetables being guarded by some spooky carrot pumpkins!

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Halloween Bento Hop!


It’s that time of year again, when the ghouls and ghosts come out to play!

It may be quite a few more days until Halloween but I like to think you have free range to do Halloween things anytime in October 🙂

So me and lots of other bento and food bloggers decided its time for another blog hop!

Here is my Halloween bento :

It’s inspired by the movies, Scream. It has a scream mask made of rice and nori seaweed, black and orange striped tamagoyaki ( rolled omelette ), a Jack o’lantern boiled egg, some broccoli and some pomegranate bug’s eggs 🙂

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New Halloween bento picks


So with it being Halloween next month shops have started stocking in the usual Halloween fare, skulls to hang from the sealing etc.

And while browsing in a shop in Hull called Discout UK, we were originally looking for wallpaper paste and paint brushes, I found these little Halloween “cocktail sticks” but in my mind that read “bento picks”.

I haven’t been making bento for long so it will be my first Halloween bento this year and I hope you will enjoy it 🙂