Laptop Lunches Giveaway!!

UPDATE!!!! Giveaway now closed!!!


As previously mentioned in my Laptop Lunches Bento System review the lovely ladies at Laptop Lunches provided one of their wonderful products to be given away to one of my wonderful readers!!

To be given away is the wonderful bento box in black and avocado.


This giveaway is open worldwide and will be running until 12am GMT Monday the 23rd of September.

How to enter:

You get one entry for leaving a comment with your favourite lunch item

You get another entry for liking Oh!Bento on Facebook.

You get one entry for following Oh!Bento on Twitter.

You get one entry for sharing the giveaway on either Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your own blog. This is the only entry that can be earned once a day!


• Please leave a comment for each entry, and please post ENTRY at the beginning of the comment. Please also include the name of the account used to follow or the URL of the post including the giveaway.
Eg. ” ENTRY. I have followed on twitter my name is ANON”

• Please leave your email or a way to contact you in at least one of your entry comments.

• This giveaway will end on 23rd of September. The winner will have 2 days to reply after being notified. If no reply is received a new winner will be selected.

This giveaway is open worldwide so let all of your friends know!!!

I will be using to select the winner so the more entries made the better your chance of winning.

Share each day and you will have lots more entries and a higher chance of winning!


Laptop Lunches Review and Fajita Bento

I have wanted to get my hands on a Laptop Lunches bento system for a long time but alas I live in the wrong part of the world for most bento goodies.


No, sadly I’m not moving but Laptop Lunches are now available in the UK on Amazon!

And the wonderful ladies at Laptop Lunches have sent me two sets of their awesome product, one to review and one to give away to you wonderful people! (As this is a long post I will be doing the giveaway in a separate post tomorrow)

If you haven’t seen a Laptop Lunches system before they are genius!

They’re made up of smaller boxes inside a protective case. These boxes allow you to pack guided amounts of each food group in an easy way. You don’t even need to make fancy bento to make them look good, the layout of the box helps make that happen!

Onto the review:

Cost: 4/5

For £30.35 on Amazon you can get your hands on the great Laptop Lunch system, an insulated bag and a set of stainless steel cutlery. While £30.35 may sound expensive you do get a lot for your money.

Each set is comprised of 5 inner boxes of varying sizes and one outer protective case.

It is definitely worth the cost i say.

Size: 5/5

With a large size this box is perfect for everyone.
Packing for someone with a small appetite? Take out some of the inner boxes and replace with a juice box.

Packing for an adult? No problem, this box is far big enough for an adult appetite!

The five boxes that come with the system range in size and consist of:
• 400ml
• 300ml
• 200ml
• 150ml
• 50ml

Ease of Use: 5/5

One of the challenges with packing lunches is working out what should go where to make it look appetizing etc.

This box takes away almost all of that worry. Each box can be used for a food group which allows you to pack in a short amount of time while still making a cool lunch that can be jazzed up quickly with picks etc.

Style: 5/5

One of the great things about the Laptop Lunch system is the amount of colours and styles available.

So far there are 13 choices of colour mixes available, that doesn’t mean that is all there can be. With separate inner boxes available you can mix and match until you have the perfect set for yourself.


  • Quality product
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Great for all the family


  • Could be cost prohibitive
  • Made up of multiple pieces which may be hard for a young child to manage

Overall a great product and I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out this awesome system.

Here is a lunch I prepared in my Laptop Lunch system :


This lunch contains everything needed to make very tasty fajitas!
It includes:
• Spicy chicken pieces
• Red and Green peppers
• Sweet corn
• Grated carrot
• Lettuce and
• Mayonnaise


Little Cousins New Bento and Free Gifts


My little cousin decided after seeing my bento he wanted to have a go at making his own. So we scoured the Internet in search of a box suitable for him.

Unlike me he isn’t into cute, girly boxes so it took a bit of time. We finally found a great, not so little box on amazon for an amazing £8!
The box is two tiered, 900 ml and a very sturdy box.
Even though it is bright yellow it still looks fairly masculine and modern.

As we bought the box through my amazon account the item was delivered to my address and took an amazing 2 days to come, made more amazing by the fact there was no delivery charge!

When the box arrived I thought it would be nice to give him a little help. So I rummaged through all of my bento equipment and anything I had multiples of I put into the box for him.

He came around to my flat this evening and was pleased to see his box had arrived, he was even more pleased when he opened the box and found it full of goodies he wasn’t expecting 🙂


Casabento free box!

casabento are currently holding an amazing offer!

If you make an order with them and then make a video of what you bought, you can receive a free bento box with your next order!

The box is a red urara onigiri bento box with a small rabbit motif.

For more details check out this page.

Here is my video if you want to check out what you need to do 🙂