Another dino-bento box


My new little bento box/tub from home bargain, and at 75p who could argue!
I saw some that were the same size in another store for £1.99 and they were plain. So rush down and get them while you can!!


My first bento boxes!



Here are the first bento boxes I ever bought.
I found these by accident as I didn’t even know anywhere in Hull sold bento boxes.

I was shopping down a road called Newland Avenue in Hull, UK, there was a bright pink shop, called Woods, (not a fitted shop, just a house) that was full of very random boho chic items. Candles, buttons, retro looking house and kitchen items.
And then I spotted these!
These boxes are two tiered and a great size! They were about £6 each which made them a bargain! They have served me well over the past few months!