Yum Yum Bento Box Review


Yesterday I went to pick up another parcel and this time it was my Yum Yum Bento Box cook book which I’ve wanted for so long!

After reading through I deciding I wanted to make everything in the book.

It has great images that would be fairly easy to copy but then they’re coupled with thorough and easy to follow instructions insuring anyone should be able to copy these ideas, and the adventurous should be able to use the tips to create their own amalgamations 🙂

This book is defiantly worth buying, even if you’re not a bento maker it will make a great book on the coffee table and it is sure to get your friends talking.

If you are a bento maker however, this book is a must have!
To say all the bento in the book are cute is a complete understatement!
You will pick up so many great habits if you follow this book!

All I can say is, I hope to see a second book in future 🙂


Another award?!?


Today i woke up to another award nomination, its hard to belive people like my blog but I’m not going to complain 🙂

Thank you to Rabbitcancook who nominated me for this award. Please click on the link to check her “super” blog ( You’ll get the pun once youv’e checked her blog )

The rules of this award :

1. Include the award logo in your blog : done

2. Answer the questions below : done

*What is your favourite colour? Red

*What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? lychee juice

*Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?Twitter

*What’s your passion? learning about Japanese culture

*What’s your favorite pattern? Kimono inspired pattersn, sakura and ume blossom etc

*Do you prefer giving or getting presents? I like both equally 🙂

*What’s your favorite number? 23

*Favourite day of the week? Wednesday

*Favourite flower? Rose, how English
3. Nominate the blogs you enjoy reading, link them and let them know that they have been nominated

Below please find my nomination :

*Veggiebentolove– A great blog with great, vegetarian bento boxes and some of the most amazing looking cupcakes!

*Cheratomo – A great blog that splits each post to cover three topics, somthing for everyone!

*Mangoshenanigans – If you like stunningly photographed flowers and food this blog is for you!

* Bento Box– A great blog with some bento that would be great fun to replicate!

*Androidinthekitchen – A blog with delicious recipes that would make any meal time special.