More bento bargain picks/ cupcake toppers


While out shopping I found these cute picks, you get 12 bright coloured, sturdy picks for 49p!

You get:
3 x hearts, 3 x crowns, 3 x “love” and 3 x butterflies.

This bargain was found at, an aptly named, Home Bargains.


New Halloween bento picks


So with it being Halloween next month shops have started stocking in the usual Halloween fare, skulls to hang from the sealing etc.

And while browsing in a shop in Hull called Discout UK, we were originally looking for wallpaper paste and paint brushes, I found these little Halloween “cocktail sticks” but in my mind that read “bento picks”.

I haven’t been making bento for long so it will be my first Halloween bento this year and I hope you will enjoy it 🙂