Adult bolognese bento

I am currently trying to lose a little weight so I figured a good way would be to use bento boxes for my tea ( or dinner depending on where you’re from ) to help manage portion size.

Tonight I made pasta bolognese with mushrooms, grated cheese and garlic bread. ( I know garlic bread isn’t exactly diet material but what bolognese dish is complete without it?!)

And here it is in my EasyLunchbox .

I love EasyLunchboxes for their versatility. They’re great for children and adults!


EasyLunchBoxes now in BRIGHT colours!


So some of you will have heard I am now a group of bento enthusiasts and friends. This group is full of some extremely amazing ladies ( I’m the only male which makes me feel super special haha).

One of these ladies is the wonderful Kelly Lester, the creator of the EasyLunchBox container. This lunchbox is certainly one of the best lunchboxes on the market, and this is not just my opinion but many, many people’s.

The EasyLunchBoxes have gone through a colourful transformation. While retaining the well loved shape and style of the well known box the lids are now available in super bright colours sure to delight children and maybe even some adults too!

For more information and to buy some for your child, family or yourself click this link.

Happy shopping!

EasyLunchBoxes Review and two bento

So first off let’s get the bento out of the way so we can get on to the review!


These EasyLunchBoxes contained chicken, vegetable and prawn rice with cherry tomatoes. Mine had a teddy bear shaped egg and instant cucumber pickles. My partners had egg mixed into the rice and some sweet chilli sauce in the other compartment.

Now the review!!

I have to admit I was worried about using the EasyLunchBoxes only because most of the bento I make are traditional. What I did like is that this gave me a chance to think out of the box. I decided I would try to keep quite traditional while using this box.

When I opened the package that contained these I was shocked by something I heard over my shoulder,
” Wow they look miles better than normal bento boxes!” This was said by my partner who is usually less than enthusiastic about using bento boxes.

Cost: 5/5
The EasyLunchBoxes cost $13.95 (£8.70) for four which in my eyes is extremely affordable and cheap when compared to other boxes that can cost 3x more for only one box.

Size: 5/5
The size of the boxes is a great selling point, with the main compartment being around 600ml and being wide enough for if you wanted to make a kyaraben lunch or just pack a sandwich. Then there are two smaller side compartments that can be used for side dishes, sauce or a sweet. One smaller compartment is 200ml and the other is 150 ml.

Ease of use 5/5
One of the best things about the EasyLunchBoxes is the compartments, they make packing the boxes very simple. You can pack hot food next to cold without the cold food heating up ( pointed out by my partner when he stated “My tomatoes are still cold!”

• Cheap but not cheaply made.
• Great compartment sizes.
• Pack of four for families or groups of friends.
• Good portion sizes.
• One compartment can be cold and one warm without affecting each other.

• I cannot find one so please let me know if you find one so I can investigate!

For anyone interested in making bento, I’m hoping to publish an English language tutorial magazine, so please check out my kickstarter page

I received the product to review but no cash was exchanged, my review is my honest opinion and has not been swayed by the company or anyone else.

Casabento huge 25% sale!!


Casabento are having a HUGE back to school sale!

You can get a MASSIVE 25% off boxes and accessories!

So if you’ve been waiting to buy a bento box or some accessories now is the time

Ps. If you do decide to purchase please let Casabento know you got to their site through this blog. Thankyou

Birthday bento boxes!


So here are some great bento boxes I was given for my birthday from a colleague. I was really surprised and grateful for them! They come in a range of sizes so are great for families or groups of friends and also great for people on diets with portion control. As they were a gift I’m not sure where to get them from but good luck hunting!

My first bento boxes!



Here are the first bento boxes I ever bought.
I found these by accident as I didn’t even know anywhere in Hull sold bento boxes.

I was shopping down a road called Newland Avenue in Hull, UK, there was a bright pink shop, called Woods, (not a fitted shop, just a house) that was full of very random boho chic items. Candles, buttons, retro looking house and kitchen items.
And then I spotted these!
These boxes are two tiered and a great size! They were about £6 each which made them a bargain! They have served me well over the past few months!