Pasta Bento

Me and some of my friends entered the Bento&co competition. Sadly we didn’t make it into the top 20.

We decided we should do a hop to show off all of our entries ( so you can see what you’re missing out on :p )
By clicking the button below you will be able to go from blog to blog until you go full circle and end up back here.

Anyway here is the bento I entered :


It contains spaghetti bolognese, mixed vegetables, instant cucumber tsukemono , cubed egg and edible cheese “Baran” 🙂

Click the image below to see what Sarah at Blame it in the bento has prepared 🙂

And a huge thank you to Cristi from Bent On Better Lunches for making my pic look prettier 🙂


Sando stamp review (mini sandwich makers)


Today I decided to make mini sandwiches with my sando stamp set from bento&co, I thought that it would take a fair bit of force and half expected the bread and spread to just turn to mush. But surprisingly it was so easy! They cut right through the bread and even though the filling was tuna-mayo (so very moist and not at all solid) it cut through that too without it going horribly wrong! I would definitely recommend these for anyone with picky kids!

Bento&co surprise!!

I forgot to write this post when it happened :/
But a few weeks ago I received an email from Bento&co. Before opening it I thought it would be just the usual “here’s some new stock” email but I was very impressed by what it actually contained.
It was an email that included a 15% discount and the chance to buy one (super cheap) bento set! There were only 45 of these sets and luckily I managed to get one before they ran out!
I’ll make a post once the items arrive 🙂
And all of this just for entering in the Bento&co onigiri competition 🙂


To see everything I received for £1.54 (¥100/$1) click here