Little Cousins New Bento and Free Gifts


My little cousin decided after seeing my bento he wanted to have a go at making his own. So we scoured the Internet in search of a box suitable for him.

Unlike me he isn’t into cute, girly boxes so it took a bit of time. We finally found a great, not so little box on amazon for an amazing £8!
The box is two tiered, 900 ml and a very sturdy box.
Even though it is bright yellow it still looks fairly masculine and modern.

As we bought the box through my amazon account the item was delivered to my address and took an amazing 2 days to come, made more amazing by the fact there was no delivery charge!

When the box arrived I thought it would be nice to give him a little help. So I rummaged through all of my bento equipment and anything I had multiples of I put into the box for him.

He came around to my flat this evening and was pleased to see his box had arrived, he was even more pleased when he opened the box and found it full of goodies he wasn’t expecting 🙂



Great For Bento: Collapsible Chopsticks!


Today a parcel I ordered from amazon arrived,
It was two sets of bento cutlery!

Each set is comprised of a tiny, but sufficiently sharp fork, a tiny, probably not sufficient spoon, two collapsible chopsticks and a little case to carry them in.

The case looks like the thin cases you can get for reading glasses and has a clip on so you can carry them on your belt or in a shirt pocket!

The spoon and fork are made of stainless steel but feel a little thin and I’m not sure how well they would hold up against continual use.

The chopsticks, that are made of two pieces that screw into each other, feel like some odd hybrid somewhere between plastic and metal, and they are extremely light which may sound like a bonus but it makes them seem a little fiddly to use but being £5 for two sets I didn’t expect the best cutlery ever.

I will use them for a week and then I will do a review 🙂